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Meet the Lunar You

Waxing Gibbous + Leo

The Cosmic Commander

Born under the Waxing Gibbous

Sun in Leo

Moon in Sagittarius + Capricorn

The Lunar You at a Glance

Lunar Magic


Cosmic Calling


Illuminating Qualities


Lunar Love
Quality Time


Your Lunar Personality

The Sturgeon Gibbous Moon is when the Sun in Leo trines the Moon in Sagittarius and Capricorn. In astrology, this means you have a Leo Sun with either a Sagittarius or Capricorn Moon. A trine is a harmonious aspect of 120° that represents strength and support. The waxing gibbous moon is the phase of the lunar cycle where anticipation runs the highest. Time to touch up our plans and final projects as the moon reaches full illumination.

Lunar Magic

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Did you know that La Luna has a synchronic relationship with our body, mind, and spirit? Well don’t we have some lunar magic to share with you! Lunar phases influence our biorhythms (cue why it rules our emotions). Sagittarius rules the hips and sciatic while Capricorn rules the teeth, hair, and nails. This moon feels like quite the hair puller! As many of us procrastinate when approaching the full moon, the lion’s mane can get a bit mangled. Whether it’s excitement or frustration, time for us to pull the hair back like a champ and get to work. May we recommend taking a break from your work for any physical activities, as this can help us persevere to the finish line come the full moon. Sunset jogs, kickboxing classes, or intensive yoga are a few ways to work with this moon magic.

Cosmic Calling

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Your cosmic calling is to get down to biz and call the shots. You effortlessly command our attention and respect, as your work sector is the one place you won’t slip up. A bit of a tough cookie— and that’s just how the cookie crumbles with you! Except there’s no breadcrumbing here: you keep everything cohesive and straightforward. We not only admire your honesty and self initiative, you have an embellished element to your work that makes you a standout. Globe trotting Sagittarius and diligent Capricorn is a strong combination for any career in business, politics, or leadership. We see our lucrative Lions in business management, policy, law, higher ed, hospitality management, military science, aeronautics, or geography. Meanwhile, our show stopping Leos may be drawn to music, radio, modeling, film production, or choreography.

Illuminating Qualities

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You, the jubilant Sturgeon Gibbous Moon babe, are known for your generosity and happy go lucky personality. King sized Jupiter paired with the Sun explains why you have a big heart and even larger than life curiosity. Adventurous and fun loving, traveling and mutable experiences are a huge part of who you are— whether it’s your livelihood or wanderlust. New people, places, and things? Check and check! Though you can thank pragmatic Saturn for keeping you grounded in the process.

Lunar Love Language

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You, the lovely Sturgeon Gibbous Moon babe, seesaw back and forth between treating love as a playground versus an investment. The lovey dovey Lion needs adventure, sincerity, and a little PDA. Anything that is not only enthralling but Insta worthy is up your alley (don’t forget the tag!). Add stern and serious Saturn into the mix, however, and we have someone who takes love to heart a lot more than you want to admit. Hence, your lunar love languages are quality time and physical touch for this reason. Drive in movies, dining foreign cuisine, or spontaneous getaways are a few things that make you tick.