Born Under the Full Moon? Here’s your Lunar Personality

In October we were lucky enough to see two Full Moon, everyone loves a good 2 for 1; we saw the Harvest Moon (October 1st) and a super spooky Blue Moon (October 31st).

Now, as we slowly get our cozy on and prepare for the winter months ahead of us, we look to our next Full Moon that will brighten the sky at the end of November – the Frost Moon, sometimes known as the Beaver Moon, especially to our friends in the North. 

With all these Full Moons right now, we knew this was the perfect time to continue our mini-series where we explore the lunar personalities associated with the Moon phase you were born under.

Don’t know what the Moon looked like the day you were born? Don’t worry, we have you covered, with our Moon phase calculator you can find out now! 

If you were born under another phase, so far, we’ve covered the Waning Gibbous, Waxing Crescent, and Waxing Gibbous personalities. If your phase hasn’t been covered yet, we will get there soon enough. All good things to those who wait!

But for our Full Mooners – it’s time to get down and personal:

If you were born when the lunar disc was fully illuminated, you shine so brightly in all that you do.

You think big – you’re never confined to one way of thinking, instead, you explore all possibilities, almost playing devil’s advocate with yourself, but always being open and never being too stuck to one idea or argument.

But as you can imagine always being open to anything and everything means that you may be a tad indecisive, because you are confident you can make just about anything work, so you have a bit of a hard time choosing.

Even when it comes to being open and exploring your feelings, there’s a lot going on and at times being able to communicate efficiently is something you definitely need to work on.


Much of this internal struggle you feel at times is due to the fact that when we have a Full Moon, we find the lovely Luna directly opposite to the Sun sign, meaning that the day you were born your Sun & Moon sign was in conflict with one another.

Remember that the Sun controls your mind while the Moon is responsible for your heart. So basically, you spend a lot of time trying to manage between logic and emotion.

Although it can get exhausting sometimes, the best way to deal with this is not to try and manage it, instead to harness your ability to look at things both emotionally and logically.

There’s an advantage to not living life through the fire of your emotions or the coolness of your logic. You can bring together and have the best of both worlds. 

When it comes to relationships, it may take some time, but when you find someone who can get on board with the wax and wane of your personality, you’ll be set.

You’re fiercely loyal and do best when your loved one is very balanced and consistent. They will keep you grounded, and you should always do your best to show your appreciation.

You are incredibly talented and succeed in many of your endeavors; just remember to always take some time to reflect on how you are sharing your successes with the world and how you are treating those loved ones around you (To put it nicely- don’t get a big head!)

The world would be a little gloomier without all of you, so cheers to you Full Moon babies, keep being wild, indecisive, and lighting up our lives.

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