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MOONWISE: Moon Lovers Stories from Moonglow

Talking about all things lunar that move us, change us and link us.

“It is thought and feeling which guides the universe, not deeds.” - Edgar Cayce




Do we have the power to guide the universe with our thoughts? It’s said we all have planets associated with intuitive ability in our natal charts. If so, does it mean we all are intuitive and are born with a universal sixth sense? Perhaps so, and maybe some of us more than others.

Pisces, like famed psychic Edgar Cayce, who celebrate their birthdays in the month of February through the middle of March, are thought to be more highly influenced by these planets -- and by the Moon -- ruler of the senses and believed to empower us to bring the intangible to light.

Check in with your moon wisdom and share your meaningful intuitions with us. We love hearing your stories, musings and comments about your MOONGLOW experiences. SHOOT THE MOON WITH US on Facebook and don't forget to take a selfie!

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According to Moon, when astronaut Alan Sheppard was on the moon, he hit a golf ball and drove it 2,400 feet, nearly one half a mile.





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