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Silver & Gold: How to Style Mixed Metal Looks

There was a time when monochrome pairings were the only way to style jewelry. Mix metals? No way. But nowadays, modern fashionistas are embracing this eye-capturing aesthetic.

In today’s fashion world, there are practically no rules. It’s all about self-expression and wearing what you want, when you want, and most importantly how you want.

However, when there are no rules, putting together a look that makes you want to shout, THIS IS SO ME can be even more challenging than usual. So instead of rules, let’s chat about some simple formulas to style mixed-metal looks you’ll love.

Style your jewelry around your outfit choice.

The most straight-forward way to a completed look starts with the outfit. Dress for the day or event as you normally would, and finish the look with some mix-and-match jewelry.

For an easy, everyday look, stack a few delicate rings or necklaces in shades of gold and silver.  Or if you have multiple piercings in each ear, use mix metal finishes to draw interest towards the face.

Check out the Charmed Simplicity Necklace or Pallene Bracelet for the perfect layering pieces.

On special occasions, go bold with big pieces bedazzled in stones, jewels, and embellishments. The specific style is, of course, up to you whether you’re classic, trendy, hipster, retro, or a unique combination of a few of them. The One Moon Locket in rose gold compliments any of these styles.

The really great thing about mixing metals is you don’t have to worry about whether silver or gold goes better with your outfit. It all goes together!

Pick one area to style your mix-and-match look.

There are necklaces, bracelets, rings, anklets, earrings, and piercings of all kinds. If you’re just testing the waters of discovering your jewelry aesthetic, choosing one area as your focus can help to simplify the jewelry decision-making process.

When choosing pieces for a specific area, start with two pieces you love in different metal finishes. The key to bridging these pieces is creating balance. You may find that these two pieces are already quite balanced in weight and style on their own, or that you need another piece or two to round out the cluster.

How many pieces you mix and match is up to your own personal preference. If you’re designing a clean look for your wrist, a statement piece, paired with a delicate gold bracelet, and a silver bangle may just do the trick.

Go all-in with an all over mixed metal look.

While concentrating on one area, like your neck, ears or wrist is a great way to simplify the selection process and really focus your jewelry look on one area of the body, mixing metals into your overall look also works incredibly well when the pieces are spread out a little more.

Pair your favourite gold necklace with a delicate silver bangle, or stack your favourite rose gold bracelets with that silver ring you can’t live without. Experiment to find the finishes and combinations that work for you and really work to accentuate your own unique and personal style.

Beaded bracelets, are a great option to add some subtle pops of colour and delicate metal finishes to any bracelet combo. Consider pairing one or even a few of them in your next look to create a stack that is effortless, personal and totally you with the moons from some of your most special moments.

Already feel like an icon when it comes to mixing metals in your jewelry looks? We want to see! Tag us and make sure to use #moonglowmoment. Happy mixing moonbabes!

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