Pink Moon Crépuscule Cuff in Stainless Steel + Cosmic Spiral Ring in Rhodium Set


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Moon 1: Ring. This playful piece shows its love for the cosmic world, all while helping your honor or celebrate a date that is part of who you are. Versatile as an accessory, this cuff can be worn alongside your other Moonglow favorites or can be worn alone as the statement piece you’ve been looking for.

Moon 2: Bracelet. Pronounced kreh•peh•skul, it is the French word for when the day is neither dark nor lit, but in the dreamy time of twilight;the moon slowly begins to riseand the stars begin to twinklePerfectly fitting for our newest open cuff that features a mini moon on one end and a star on the other.

The lunar image takes in light all day to emit a soft glow in the darkness. To add this piece to your collection all you have to do is select a date you want to remember, and we take care of the rest. The only hard part is waiting for your Moonglow package to arrive. Complete with our Signature Gift box and a description of the moon phase on your selected date

  • Metal: Stainless Steel (bracelet), rhodium plated (ring)
  • Mini moon image (10mm image)
  • Diameter: Oval shape 2 1/2" x 2" (bracelet)
  • Mini Swarovski crystal
  • Adjustable (fits sizes 6-10)
  • Moon 1: Ring + Moon 2: Bracelet

The Glow

Like the moon itself, each lunar
charm is designed to absorb light by day to glow in dark environments--lighting up memories every time they glow.

Moonglow is on a mission to
light up the world--connecting
our customers to the moments
that matter most

+ Unique Styles for a moment 100% you
Your Lunar Date
+ Unique Styles for a moment 100% you
Your Lunar Date

Beautifully Hand Finished

With Moonglow, every moment has a moon and every moment can be cherished in your favorite piece of jewelry.

Enter your special date into our Moon Calculator to find your moon from the date that matters most to you.

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