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Wear Your Story

We all have a unique story to tell, and this applies to our jewelry choices as well. Wearing jewelry that reflects your personal journey will make it feel even more meaningful. You can find a piece that tells your story through its symbolism or get a customized token like a Moonglow moon bracelet featuring the moon from the date of your choice.

Our bracelets add an impeccable accent to any outfit and can be worn alone or layered on your wrist. You can also pair your moon bracelet with necklaces, earrings, or rings of your choice.  

Moonglow’s bracelets come in a variety of styles, but most have a modern twist — while still staying classic.

Offer The Moon To Someone Special

What's the best way to say: "I love you?" With jewelry that reflects the depth of your feelings and shows how much you care. Our personalized moon bracelets are a great way to celebrate a birthday or anniversary or as a symbol of affection. They are the perfect present for someone special and for yourself. 

Delicate and subtle, these personalized bracelets power up any outfit by making a stylish statement to your life's journey. Light up the room, spark curiosity, and inspire others!

Your chosen moon bracelet will arrive in its own signature gift box with a card describing the moon phase selected.

Over 1 Million Moments

We have thousands of five star reviews from memories we've helped turn into Moments.

International Shipping

Moonglow has helped illuminate Moments all over the world, in fact we ship to over 100 countries!

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In a rush? With express shipping your custom made Moment will arrive to you within 3 days.


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