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It Started With a Vision...

Every Moment has a Moon

Two things everyone shares in the world: the Moments that change our lives forever, and the moon that we can all look up to that night. We began Moonglow with the idea to connect people with their most important memories, events, and Moments with the moon phase of their most important date.

It Started with a Vision

Our co-founders, Julien and Aurelie, began Moonglow to help connect people with their most memorable Moments. They brought this vision to trade shows and consumers, helping people find their moons and Moments!

We Began to Grow

Our moons began to touch the lives of not only the people we met in person but also in other countries as Moonglow went international to Canada and Australia. Our team grew and our headquarters and fulfillment center found its home in Miami.

We Went Online

To reach more lives and Moments we brought Moonglow online and have been able to grow to celebrate more than a million Moments around the world. We are grateful to be able to be a part of so many lives around the world!

It All Started With a


Our very first Moonglow Moment, the Classic Necklace, has been with us, lighting up lives and Moments, since the beginning. Over the past decade our Classic Necklace has evolved, we have added new finishes and birthstones, but the light of your Moment stays the same!

Product Feature

Classic Necklace With Black Crystal

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Meet the Team

Meet the team behind making your Moment! From Marketing to Fulfillment there is a dedicated person ready to help you find your moon.

Find Us In Person

Moonglow can be found in over 500 boutiques and retail shops across the US! See our Moments in person and find the right fit for your memory.

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Follow Moonglow on Instagram and TikTok to be the first to see new releases, inspiring Moments, and more!


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