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midnight apollo necklace

Life is only travelled once. Today’s moment becomes tomorrow’s memory. Enjoy every moment, good or bad, because the gift of life is life itself. - This necklace is a remembrance of a special moment that life has given to me.

moondrop simplicity 2-charm bracelet

Believe it or not me and @benbayouth were both born on a full moon! I just recently discovered Moonglow Jewelry and you just give them your birthday and year and they put your moon on a jewelry piece! Amazing huh!? I was blown away. Soul mates.

sky light necklace in gold

Giving birth was the most incredible thing I have ever done. After that experience, I know that I can do anything I set my mind to. This necklace from Moonglow is constantly reminding me of that. It shows the moon on Aimery’s birthday, the day that changed me forever and made me into the woman I am today.

Classic necklace with black swarovski

I love wearing my Moonglow everyday. It's such an awesome personalized gift and a great reminder of the day my husband and I got married. The best part of this necklace: the moon glows in the dark!

Ripple effect bracelet in Silver

"Absolutely loving my new piece from Moonglow! I requested the date my guy and I snuck off to get married. It was just the two of us, kids. As I stay busy with the life we have built together, I now have this unique and beautiful reminder of when it all started. A treasure."

Charmed simplicity necklace

Besides being a keepsake of the moment I was blessed with my baby girl, it's also a reminder of when the pain was at its worst and I had some serious doubts on whether I could go on. Wearing this necklace reminds me that I DID go on. I got through the greatest pain of my life in order to be given the greatest joy of my life.

message of love bangle

"I purchased a Moonglow bracelet for my sister around Christmas time. At the time she was in palliative care on her last days of battling cancer at age 47. I purchased this piece as I wanted her to know I was going to be with her to the moon and beyond!"

sky light necklace in rose gold

By far my favorite Christmas gift this year. If anyone knows me well then they know I'm in love with the moon. @justttdehart gifted me with a rose gold necklace holding the exact phase of the moon when our son was born. Moonglow, your jewelry is beautiful! Only wish I would have thought of this myself.


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