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Meet the Lunar You

Waning Gibbous + Capricorn

The Star Seeker

Born under the Waning Gibbous Moon

Sun in Capricorn

Moon in Leo + Virgo

The Lunar You at a Glance

Lunar Magic

Self Care

Cosmic Calling


Illuminating Qualities


Lunar Love
Quality Time


Your Lunar Personality

The Wolf Disseminating Moon is when the Sun in Capricorn trines the Moon in Leo and Virgo. In astrology, this means you have a Capricorn Sun with either a Leo or Virgo Moon. In astrology, a trine is a harmonious aspect of 120°. The waning gibbous moon is the most reflective part of the lunar cycle.

Lunar Magic

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Did you know that La Luna has a synchronic relationship with our body, mind, and spirit? Well don’t we have some lunar magic to share with you! Lunar phases influence our biorhythms (cue why it rules our emotions). Capricorn rules the teeth and knees. Leo rules the heart and spine while Virgo rules the digestive system. Time to count our blessings thus far. Two knees and one prayer is all we need! The down time that came with the Cancer Full Moon recharged our energy source— now it’s time to come out and play. May we recommend any playful or self care activities that honor our hard work. Hair combing therapy, sunset jogs, or a game night are a few ways to honor this moon magic.

Cosmic Calling

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Your cosmic calling is to track the stars— literally and metaphorically. Saturn might be associated with wisdom, but dits and deets Mercury is the investigator who gets down to business. While many of our show shopping Seagoats are creators and performers, it’s more common to see the diligent Saturnian running the show behind the scenes. After all, it takes a superstar to find the next big star! Leading with the heart and mind, it’s no surprise to find you in a career that requires a lot of patience and a leap of faith. We see our star chasing Seagoats in any career related to talent management, recruitment, astronomy, astrology, geography, education admin, or coaching. Our social or political Seagoats may even be drawn to business admin, social science, human resources, campaigning, event planning, military science, or public policy.

Illuminating Qualities

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You, the cordial Wolf Disseminating Moon babe, are known for your sunny and cheeky personality. The stern and serious Saturnian? You? That inner lion roar would beg to differ! The Sun and Mercury heat up your cooler qualities and make you the superstar Seagoat. You’re as creative as you are cerebral. Charismatic and humorous, you set one heck of an impression with your pearly whites and snazzy debonair.

Lunar Love Language

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You, the beloved Wolf Disseminating Moon babe, are selective and reserved in your romantic life at first. Note we say at first— we all know those goat horns are sharp and the Lion roar is loud! You might be chillax and patient in every other area of your life, but we can’t quite say the same about love. You’re fiercely protective of your heart and partner. Hence, you’re so passionate that disciplined Saturn paired with dits and deets Mercury needs a sense of order and control. Once you find S.O.S., you’re an incredibly playful and trustworthy partner who will hold it down. Bonus points if BAE is the go with the flow type so you can take charge. Good thing you’re an A1 date planner, amirite? If we had to guess, acts of service and quality time are your lunar love languages. Live music shows, sunset drives, and drive in movies are a few things that make you tick.