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Manifesting with August's Meteor Shower and Full Moon

Manifest your dreams by wishing on a shooting star

Manifest your dreams with the Meteor Necklace in Silver!

The Perseid Meteor Shower and August’s Full Moon are making a joint appearance this week for a cosmic celebration of 2022’s red hot summer! The summer’s largest meteor shower may be hard to enjoy as much as previous years due to the bright illumination of August’s Full Moon, but still keep your eyes to the sky to catch a glimpse of the shooting stars!

Full Moons and Shooting Stars are powerful allies for manifesting big dreams and preparing for big changes. The light of the Full Moon brings our energy, passions, and desires to the surface - making them impossible to ignore any longer. The shooting stars of the meteor shower act as conduits, dispersing our wishes to the heavens. Use their cosmic alignment this month to supercharge your intentions and start this Fall with your goals locked in.


manifesting your dreams with the full moon

Your Guide to Manifesting Your Dreams with the Moon and Stars

1. Meditate on What You’ve Been Dreaming Of
The full moon brings out our biggest emotions making what we want impossible to ignore any longer! Really focus on what has been living in your heart, what have you been missing from your life? What is it that your heart is telling you it needs? Let your mind drift and let your heart guide you to what it is you should work towards in this new season.

2. Write Down Your Goal
Once you have your goal in mind, write down in a journal and special place what it is that you want to bring into your life. Consider selecting a place where you can easily look back and remind yourself of what it is you're working towards!

3. Look to the Skies and Wish on a Star
Under the light of the meteors and Full Moon check in with your heart and set your intentions strongly in your heart and mind for what you will bring into your life this Fall. Give your dreams to the universe and let the shooting stars spirit them to the heavens.

4. Begin the Work!
Now that the universe is on your side, use this momentum to begin putting in the work towards your big dreams. Whether that is clearing the way mentally to begin your journey, or taking the first physical step – know that the stars are on your side!

 meteor necklace for moon lovers in silver

Manifest your Moments with the Meteor Necklace in Silver


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