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10 Years Under the Moon

10 years, 1.5 MILLION Moments, and 124 lunar cycles later we are celebrating the idea that launched a movement! Moonglow was created to help connect people with the Moments in their life that mean the most to them by our Co-Founders Julien and Aurelie. From selling one moon at a time to our first customers at tradeshows, to connecting with people all over the world through our website and finding a home to glow bright with over 500 retail partners – we're thankful to have come so far and to be able to light up so many Moments!

We asked several members of our team what their most memorable Moments were and how they honored these precious days under the moon. 


Moonglow men's moon bracelet with waxing crescent moon phase.

Julien, CEO and Co-Founder of Moonglow

Julien's Moment is a recent one, but one that changed his life forever: the birth of his precious daughter Uma! In December of 2020, Uma came into the world under the light of a waning crescent – now Julien carries this precious phase in his men's moon bracelet: the Silver Link Bracelet.  

Moon phase gold link bracelet for women.

Aurelie, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Moonglow

Aurelie's life was forever changed when she began her journey with the creation of Moonglow. However the MOST powerful moment for Aurelie, was the first time seeing the power and emotion of connecting someone with their most precious memory and the moon. Aurelie celebrate this day with the Lunar Curb Bracelet in Gold! Her first sale of the Classic Necklace sparked a passion that has lead us to over one and a half million memories honored under the moon!  

Moon phase necklace in gold with new moon charm

Tara, Director of Sales of Moonglow

Tara is the ultimate Mama Bear and our retail partners are lucky enough to have met her darling daughter Harper, who happens to also be the tiny designer behind the Harper Bracelet! But always close to Tara's heart is the Sky Light Necklace with the New Moon that Harper officially gave her the title 'Mama'! 

moon phase ring in gold for women 

Dora, Moonglow's Brand Manager

2021 was a big year for babies at Moonglow! Dora's most meaningful day was welcoming her precious daughter under a waning gibbous winter moon. The first night that brought her months of sweet giggles and unconditional love, forever honored with the Mini Moon Simplicity Ring.

Pet adoption celebration moon phase necklace

Morgan, Moonglow's Brand Communications Manager

With the 2021 launch of the Paw Pendant Necklace our resident dog mom was finally able to celebrate the day she adopted her dog with the dare we say, the paw-fect keepsake! 

We hope these inspire you to discover the moon phase from your most precious memories and invite you to share them with us by emailing [email protected] 


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