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3 Pink Pieces to Celebrate April’s Pink Moon

Who’s ready for the second Super Moon in this years’ 3-part collection? We saw our first Supermoon on March 9th (Special Meaning of the Supermoon), but on April 7th (18:08 UTC) not only do we get to see the largest Supermoon (221 773 miles or 356 909 km away) of 2020 but we call this beauty the Pink Moon.

Is it actually pink? Sorry to burst your bubbles excited moon fans, but there won’t be a blushing pink moon to awe at. Instead we’ll see more of a golden hue during the rise that will eventually transform into the full moon white we’re all familiar with.

Why call it a Pink Moon then? We can actually thank the Indigenous peoples in North America, who named this months’ Full Moon after pink flowers known as  ~ Creeping Phlox (Phlox stolonifera) ~ that begin to fill the forest floors with vibrant pink hues at this time of year. The blooming of these flowers often overlaps with Aprils’ Full Moon!


With flowers blooming, and spring upon us, the Pink Moon calls out not only to the start of a new season but for all of us to freshen up. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, traditionally the time following the Pink Moon is a great opportunity to organize and freshen your surroundings with a little spring cleaning.

Whether it’s trimming trees or pruning bushes in your garden, reorganizing your closet, planning your pantry, or cleaning out the apps on your phone, this is the time to get those tasks done you’ve been putting off.


In recent years pink has been a trending colour in all sorts of spaces, whether we love or hate it, pink is everywhere and it seems to be here to stay. But what does the colour pink really represent?

If we take a look at around the world, we see that pink actually has many different associations. In Japanese culture, it’s perceived as masculine and mournful, in German culture, it’s a hue that is bright, soft, and peaceful and in Korean tradition it represents trustworthiness. In nature, we see fuchsia flowers, bubble gum lakes, and salmon rose sunsets. We like the idea of looking at pink as a colour with something for everyone and what better time than the Pink Moon to add some pink to your jewelry collection?

In celebration of the (not so pink) Pink Moon we’ve selected some of favourite picks with a touch of pink.



The Mini Rose Gold Simplicity necklace is a different take on traditional gold or silver. We’re digging mixing metals and colours this season and this is the perfect layering piece to do the job while holding your special moment’s close at heart. 


If you’re looking for a casual everyday piece, the Loving Energy Beaded Bracelet is our top choice. Put a dash of soft color into your look and reap the rewarding energy of this bracelet’s rose quartz crystal beads.


*Gift Idea!* Know any fall babies? October’s birthstone is Rose Zircon, a bold pink that is thought to bring good luck, health and protection to its wearers. Why not gift an October baby in your life (whether it’s you or a loved one) with the Birthstone Bangle Bracelet in Gold.

Not an October baby? Not to worry! This delicate Rose Zircon gemstone is a great match for any pink lover looking to add a little sparkle to their bangle collection.

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