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5 Of Our Favorite Moon Bracelets For Spring

With spring nearly upon us, it’s the perfect time to add some pizzazz to your wardrobe. But even if it’s not quite warm enough yet to change your closet over to shorts, sundresses, and flirty tank tops, accessorizing is a great way to make your look more fun for the season. Moonglow’s bracelets make for the perfect accessory to compliment any spring look, and we’re highlighting our five favorites to add to your jewelry box to have on hand for the spring’s upcoming full moons and beyond.

Logosphere Birthstone Bangle Bracelet

Highlight not only a treasured moonphase in your life but your birthstone as well, making this the perfect personalized accessory. Easy to pair with any outfit and a host of other accessories, you’ll get endless wear out of this bangle.

Why We Love it For Spring:

While bangles are all the rage no matter what season it is, the pop of color a birthstone provides makes it a great choice for spring. After all, spring is all about bright colors mixed with pastels, which many birthstones mirror perfectly.  Crystals are projected to be a fashion trend this spring, too, which will complement a birthstone well. This bracelet encompasses color delicately, making it a great spring jewelry staple.

Palene Bracelet | Mini Moon Charm Bracelet

For ladies who like something delicate and simple, look no further than our Palene bracelet. With a simple chain that is accented with a moon charm, you choose a meaningful moonphase to showcase around your wrist. This is the perfect piece to wear everyday, paired with a watch or even worn on its own.

Why We Love it For Spring:

The delicate and feminine nature of this bracelet makes it the perfect piece for spring. This would look great coupled with a muted look consisting of raw fabrics, which is another projected trend of the season. Linens, woven leathers, and washed cotton in earthy tones highlight a minimalist style, which matches perfectly with the vibe of this accessory.

Byron Leather Wrist Cuff Bracelet in Black

Symbolizing both a rugged and soft style all at once, showcase your favorite moonphase in a bold way this spring. This bracelet certainly makes a statement, playing on the contrast between the darkness of the leather and the light your moon charm will catch and display throughout the day.

Why We Love it For Spring:

The Byron Leather Wrist Cuff is another piece that plays well into a hot spring trend: loud logos. Making its appearance at Fashion Week shows for labels like Gucci, Balmain, and Versace, this trend can’t be ignored. Pairing a chunky bracelet with an outfit riddled with vibrant logos is bound to make a statement, making this the perfect piece for your spring fashion needs.

Modern Moon Adjustable Bangle Bracelet in Gold

A classic gold piece never goes out of style, and this bracelet is no exception. Featuring a luminous moon charm and versatile in its adjustability, this bracelet will quickly become a jewelry box favorite.

Why We Love it For Spring:

This bracelet, besides being a classic piece, proves to fit in perfectly with spring style. Fashion Week made it clear that trench coats are all the rage this season, especially those in a neutral and versatile tan. This gold bangle complements a neutral palette well and would be the ultimate pairing with a sleek trench coat.

Pluto-5 Bracelet

Allowing you to choose five memorable dates to display, this charm bracelet symbolizes all things fun and fashionable. Since the charms absorb the rays of the sun all day long, your wrist will glow with the fireflies once the sun begins to set.

Why We Love it For Spring:

Charm bracelets have a fun look to them, which is really what spring is all about. Whether you’re pairing this bracelet with pastels or floral prints, it’s a piece that will demand attention and is sure to be the envy of even your most fashionable friends.

Choose your favorite Moonglow bracelet to jump start your spring wardrobe. Whatever accessory catches your eye is sure to get a lot of wear through this season and beyond!


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