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A Moonglow Mother’s Day & the Launch of the Harper Bracelet

Did you know there are 82.5 million mothers here in the US? And about two billion worldwide? That’s a lot of mummies and mamas! Whether biological, adoptive, step or your ‘other mother’, on Mother’s Day we celebrate them all. 

The Harper Bracelet

Our relationships with our mother’s wax and wane like the Moon itself, always changing but there’s a comfort knowing they’re always there. Some of our mothers are close at hand, others live far away, and some have left us for a better place. But their memories forever burn brightly in our hearts.

And while the journey to motherhood looks different for everyone, this year it is our t pleasure to highlight and celebrate mothers who have given birth to ‘rainbow babies’. If you’re not familiar with the term, “rainbow babies” are the babies welcomed subsequent to miscarriages, stillbirths, infant loss, or neonatal passing. These babies are like the shining bright rainbow that fill the sky after the darkest storms. This journey is a complicated one, with moments of profound grief but also a happiness that knows no bounds. 

And in honor of these babies, their mothers, and their rainbow families, we are thrilled to be launching our newest piece: the Harper Bracelet. 

The Harper Bracelet

Inspired by the artwork of quadruple “rainbow baby” Harper McGowan, this piece pays tribute to your story of motherhood and the miracle of your rainbow. It honors those we welcomed into this world, and those we loved whole heartedly, but never had the chance to meet. 

Our Co-founder Aurelie Dudziak was so touched by the artwork, that she created a piece that captures the heart, with its radiant colors and powerful message. This bracelet features a 14k gold-plated band, multicolor seed beads and crystal beads. It comes together to showcase the moon from a date of your choice.

The Harper Bracelet

Use our moon phase calculator to determine what the moon looked like on any date that has significance for you. It’s a piece that’s more than just jewelry, it’s the ultimate reminder of the greatest gift you’ve ever received. 

Now, we wanted to do more than just create a piece that would be special to so many mothers. And so, a portion of proceeds of all sales of the Harper Bracelet will be donated to the UH Rainbow Foundation. Founded in Cleveland over 130 years ago, they are committed to ensuring the very best healthcare is available to every child. Their passion, dedication and generosity is endless, and we couldn’t be happier to be partnering with such an incredible organization. 

The Harper Bracelet

We are in the business of moments, those that are significant and those we want to honor forever. With the Harper Bracelet, we know there are many moments for Mother’s that they keep to themselves. Moments that remain a secret, that require no explanation but continue to have a hold on your heart. 

The Harper Bracelet

From our team here at Moonglow we wish all mother’s a very Happy Mother’s Day. You make the world a better place, and we celebrate your love and your journey to motherhood.


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