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Aligning Yourself with the Moon Phases 101

Here at Moonglow, we love the Moon – obviously right? But we don’t just love it for being the most beautiful thing in the sky or because we know it’s always with us. We are also big fans because we feel like when we are aligned with its phases we thrive. 

Now most of us will fall into two categories when it comes to aligning ourselves with the phases. The first way is the way is just like your great, great, great, great, great x30 did, where you use the lunar cycle as a type of calendar to bring order and balance into your life in a nice way. Ancient wisdom did this for literally thousands of years, celebrating, planning (even conceiving) all with the waxing and waning of the Moon. The second way is a little more whimsical, think of it like when you take your horoscope to heart, the Moon phases can have a pretty powerful impact for those who allow it to be. 


Moon Cycle Basics

~Lightning round ~ name all the Moon phases in order starting from the New Moon! Hint there are 8 phases. It’s harder than you’d think, so here is a quick recap of your phases in order starting from when we can’t see the Moon in the night sky as it’s completely in shadow. 

New Moon – no Moon in the night’s sky, sometimes called the Dark Moon. Did you know that for our Moon charms we showcase this phase with a turquoise Moon?

Waxing Crescent – a sickle or crescent that will be illuminated on the right side as it continues to grow to a half-illuminated Moon 

The First Quarter – half the Moon is illuminated, on the right side. If you’re confused why it's named first quarter then read our post for those born under the First Quarter for an in-depth explanation. 

Waxing Gibbous – more than half but still less than a Full Moon, again on the right side.

Full Moon – this is an easy one ;) we see the entire face of the Moon brightly illuminated 

Waning Gibbous – less than full but more than half, the white part of the Moon is on the left when it’s waning. 

Third Quarter – illuminated hallway but on the left side 

Waning Crescent – less than half, on the left, this is the last phase before the cycle repeats!



Aligning and living by the Phases

Sometimes we find that everything feels a little chaotic – we check what phase the Moon is in and when we see it’s a Full Moon, we think to ourselves “that makes sense”. Everything is a little crazier, a bit more intense. But we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, here’s what you can do during each phase and what you can expect: 

New Moon – a time for new things, intent, goals, the excitement of the unknown, this is a period of time where you want to begin. It doesn’t mean you have to start on your tasks or goals, but instead allow yourself to plan, manifest, harness the energy that is around you. 

Things to try – make a hydration plan for the month, go on a first date, take a relaxing bath

Waxing Crescent – ever heard of the saying “trust in the process” well it’s super applicable to this phase. You’re going to feel tested, some of that energy from the New Moon is changing and this is the time to take a deep breath in, hold it for 3 seconds, release and relax. This is a good time to check in with yourself and see how you’re holding up. 

Things to try – start working on your plans, start a new TV show, find a way to help others like volunteering

First Quarter – gather all your intentions, around the First Quarter you’re going to feel a bit of an energy surge, use it to spur creative projects, to reach out to friends and family, and maybe a bit of extra physical activity to help keep your mind sharp. 

Things to try – a dance video on YouTube, get outside, finish any outstanding things on your to-do list you’ve been ignoring 

Waxing Gibbous – a time to take a step back and view your progress in different aspects of your life. Don’t be too critical if things aren’t exactly how you imagined them, instead this is the time to formulate plans of execution, stay hopeful and enthusiastic that the universe will be giving you an extra little boost in the next phase. 

Things to try – a new recipe for dinner or research your next read 

Full Moon – like having the best wing person ever, the Full Moon has your back. Take the plunge, enjoy the intenseness of this phase. Use the Full Moon energy to your advantage, where you try you will have support for success. This is the time to get busiest in your journey to achieving your goals. 

Things to try – rearrange or revamp a space in your house, try a detox, text your crush

Waning Gibbous – if the Full Moon phase is like a birthday party, then the Waning Gibbous is sending out ‘thank yous’ for all the presents you received. A time to practice gratitude, for what you have in your life and especially for those people who make your life better. A bit of reflection and a positive outlook of appreciation. 

Things to try – start a gratitude journal, assess relationships to protect your mental health

Third Quarter – things are coming together, you’re tying up loose ends and you want to take a look at your process, your timelines and take a little bit of time to reflect on how things panned out for you. 

Things to try – treat yourself with a present, your fav latter, or maybe a new piece from Moonglow? 

Waning Crescent – like stepping off of the plane to a vacation, take time during this phase to begin to unwind and relax. Slowly recharge to begin to prepare yourself for the next cycle. 

Things to try – order some comfort food, watch your fav childhood movie, pamper yourself 

Do you try to align yourself with the phases of the Moon? Do anything special for any of the phases? Tag us with your #MoonglowMoment for a chance to be featured on our socials. 


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