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Summer Lovin’: Celebrating Relationship Milestones with the Celestial Muse Collection

Mid-July boasts hot summer nights, clear skies with twinkling stars and the moon shining bright. Romance is in the air and if this year (with all its surprises and setbacks) has helped us with anything its appreciating those we love, the one’s who make our hearts swell and everything just a little bit better.

Whether you’ve been close over the past few months, learning how to be with one another a bit more than usual or separated by distance with video calls being the best part of your day, this is a lovely time to look back at the milestones that gently propel our relationships forward.

Did you know that every year when celebrating an anniversary there is a gift traditionally accompanied by it? For example, your first year together is paper, your fifth is traditionally wood and your 25th is silver. But what about those milestones that occur in the beginning? There are many firsts that sometimes fall between the cracks but when considered, these are oftentimes the reasons you have made it to where you are in your relationship today. With the Celestial Muse Collection newly launched for summer, we’re taking a look at some of the milestones that could use a little more Moonglow magic!

Cue the Meet Cute...

In film and television, a “meet cute” is the scene where two people that will eventually form a couple meet for the first time, under fun, unusual, awkward or “cute” circumstances. When you met your significant other did you know right away that there was something special? Were you not a fan and then life surprised you? Was it something that started small and continued to bloom? Think back to this time and thank the universe that conspired to have two people be at the right place and right time to find one another.

William Shakespeare once said that, “Journeys end in lovers’ meeting” and we love that. It’s a sweet way of implying that a sense of searching ends when you lay eyes on one another for the first time, as if a missing piece has been found. A small but significant moment in history, these moments are the perfect fit to be captured in the Timeless Moon Pin. Whether you use it to keep a tie in place, spruce up a jean jacket or pin it on a backpack or purse, every time you see it, you can smile and thank the star for aligning and making your first moment together a reality.

The Fundamental Kiss

Ahh, but that first kiss, “Like every part of you that came from a dead star is alive again”.

Are we getting a little too mushy? We hope not. We call it the fundamental kiss because it helps form a necessary base when it comes to your physical relationship. We think showcasing that memory with the Mini Simplicity Moon and Engravable Ring Set (now available in silver and gold!) is the ultimate form of appreciation for that moment. Two pieces that complement one another effortlessly, just like you and your partner.

An accessory staple, that’s a daily go-to. Engrave the ring with the date, place or phrase that brings you back to that heartfelt moment in time. 

The First I-Love-You

“The [Inuits] had fifty-two names for snow because it was important to them; there ought to be as many for love” – Margaret Atwood

By the time the three words are uttered, there’s plenty of love to go around and when looking back, there are subtle hints that reveal themselves in actions, words and feelings. We think of it like twilight (not the cheese-y vampire love story but the time of day) when the sun has set and the moon is beginning to rise. That first declaration of love is a dreamy in-between time that ushers in a new understanding of the feelings that have grown in a partnership.

The Crépuscule Cuff pays homage to this time of day as it’s the French word for twilight and offers up a timeless way to remember that first “I love you”. When the butterflies were fluttering, fireworks bursting and the world stood still for the moon overhead to mark that special moment. 

A Ring, a YES! And an Engagement

You’re going to do it! You’re getting married, nerves on one end, excitement on the other, emotions running high all around. Whether it’s a quiet agreement, a complete surprise, just the two of you or surrounded by family and friends, the formal promise has been made.

Since engagements usually focus on a ring, we propose (ha-ha) that the Soleil Lune Necklace showcase this exciting moment! This necklace brings together the Sun with gold and the Moon with silver, signifying a sense of togetherness that was written in the stars.

Unique presents are difficult to find, but the moon from the night of a special day or unforgettable moment is as personal as it gets. Whether you’re treating yourself, gifting for a loved one, or you’re that friend that knows someone hitting these milestones, we know this will be a cherished gift.

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