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Create Positive Energy for A Positively Memorable 2020

Are you aware that each of us has an energy field or ‘aura’ that others can feel? Without saying a word, we can emit a sense of peace, joy and other positive feelings that inspire, uplift and energize friends, loved ones and strangers alike.

Yet the things we say and do for ourselves may have the greatest impact of all on our positive energy.

Sometimes staying positive is a challenge when negative thoughts seep in and life’s frustrations cloud positive thinking. If you find yourself in a negative loop of thought, acknowledge your feelings and focus on redirecting yourself towards the things that bring you happiness or in the words of Marie Kondo, spark joy.

Maybe you’re about to go on well-deserved vacation, are planning a get-together with friends or have finally reached your fitness goal. While it may sometimes be easier said than done, being grateful for the things that are going right can help to stimulate positive energy and even bring more good things your way.

Stuck on where to start?

For a quick boost of positivity, try music. Like athletes who get pumped listening to certain tunes before a game or artists who use music to get their creative juices flowing, putting on a favourite playlist is a surefire way to feel uplifted.

And while music may be a simple way to impact your mindset, other activities like meditation, yoga, journaling, reading and even cooking a meal with friends can also provide great ways to help shift your perspective, improve your mood and bring positive energy into your life.

Try making a list of the things that make you feel good and use it as a guide for manifesting positive energy this month.

If being in nature is something that energizes you, see if you can block off some time to get outdoors. Consider gardening or dog walking on the weekends to give yourself the added boost that comes from getting out in the fresh air.

Whether its cooking, meditating, going for a walk or any other activity that brings you joy, when you constantly take in positive energy from your surroundings, you inspire positivity in those around you.

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