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Small Changes for a More Sustainable You: Living Consciously This Earth Month

This month, we celebrate a golden anniversary. April 22nd, 2020 marks 50 years since the establishment of Earth Day. This Earth Month we’re reminded more than ever that in these challenging times we need to come together for one another and this place we call home. 

With the launch of our NEW Earthglow Necklace, we are pledging to donate 5% of the sales to help supply protective gear to healthcare workers and aid in the treatment and prevention of COVID-19. Together we can make a world of difference.

NEW LAUNCH: Earthglow Necklace

While we do our best social distancing and stay at home over the next little making some time to introduce small changes into our everyday lives can eventually add up to huge results.

Here are three ways that our team is trying to be a little more sustainable...

1. Reinvent Your Wardrobe

Every second-hand purchase is a basically like a gift to the world, you’re helping slow down the process of sending articles of clothing to the landfills, plus there’s something exhilarating in thrifting.

While many of our favourite thrift stores are closed at the moment, take this time at home to go through your closet and see what you don’t wear anymore. Is there a way you could refresh it? Maybe turn those old jeans into a pair of cute cut-off shorts for the summer? Adding a little embroidery to an old sweatshirt can have it feeling like new again! Get crafty and see how you can give your wardrobe some new life without having to go shopping at all.

2. Bye-Bye, Plastic

Plastic is everywhere, and although some plastic is recyclable not all plastic is made equal. Did you know there are seven classifications for plastics? Those numbers in the triangles on products actually indicate what they’re composed of and if they can be recycled.

So, we’re trying out a few easy swap-outs for three everyday use plastics. While you’re at home practice swapping the plastic water bottles for a glass from the kitchen or a reusable bottle. Got leftovers from that latest kitchen experiment? Try beeswax wraps, linen bowl covers or reusable snack bags and containers to keep them fresh and ready for eating in the fridge!

3. Turning the Lights OFF and back ON

We don’t mean repeatedly, that’s not going to do anything for the planet or your electrical bill. We mean trying to be a little more conscientious of turning off lights when you’re not spending time in a particular room. But also, consider changing out your lightbulbs to CFLs (compact fluorescent light bulbs) next time your bulb burns out. They use significantly less electricity and make an awesome alternative to traditional bulbs!

How are you keeping conscious this Earth Month while staying at home?

At Moonglow we’re proud to be putting our best effort forward while supporting our healthcare and frontline workers through the donations funded by our Earthglow Necklace.

Together, we and our planet will get through this together. Stay safe and keep well Moonbabes!


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