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Embracing the Barbiecore Fashion Trend: How Moonglow was Inspired by the Fashion Icon Doll

We have grown up looking to Barbie for style inspiration to live our ultimate dream life. The newest fashion trend has taken the world by storm painting every brand hot pink. If you have not heard the term Barbiecore come up in conversation,then you are probably not familiar with the cinematic film that is being credited as one of the blockbusters of the summer. Barbiecore fashion was inspired by the fashion icon herself in a retro aesthetic embracing all the nostalgia, vibrant colors and patterns, and of course, hot pink. Let us show you how you can also participate in this trend this summer and how we were inspired by it with our new Limited Edition Milestone Bracelet in hot pink. 

The nostalgia aspect of Barbiecore has played a large role in this fashion trend. Many are feeling inspired by the beloved Barbie dolls of their childhood and are playing into the carefree spirit of fashion. Barbiecore is like walking down the bulk candy aisle of the grocery store. All the vibrant colors and textures are utterly eye catching and mesmerizing. You can’t help but want to be part of this trend. 

Barbiecore is also channeling the retro glamour that we saw on many celebrities from the 80’s and 90’s. This trend leans into these iconic silhouettes like puff sleeves, oversized bows, and the high waisted skirts. Have no fear, low rise has not made its way into the Barbiecore fashion statements. If the bright clothing isn’t your style, try adding a pop of color into your accessories like a vibrant blue or sunshine yellow. Of course, our favorite has been the eye-catching hot pink! 

The Barbiecore trend allows us to tap into the playful side of fashion and embrace the nostalgia of the bright colors we knew and loved in our childhood. We were inspired by the iconicness of the hot pink which is why we took one of our best-selling styles, the Milestone Bracelet, and created a special limited edition color. Secure your own to wear the color of the summer! You can shop the preorder for our Milestone Bracelet in Hot Pink this Friday, July 14th. 



Barbie is a registered trademark by Mattel. Our personal Barbie stories and inspiration is not endorsed in any manner by Mattel, Inc.


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