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Find out how connected you are to the moon with this moon phase quiz!


The moon lives above us, and the man on the moon is always there, hanging out and keeping us company. The moon affects our moods, our personalities, and the way we get our projects done. There is so much to know about the moon, so much to feel with the moon, and so much to be connected with!

But how connected are you to the moon really? Curious? If you want to find out take our moon phase quiz and find out for sure!

The answers to all the questions will be at the bottom of the blog!

The First Moon Phase Quiz


  1. What phase of the Moon is first?


  1. What phase of the Moon is second?


  1. What phase of the Moon is third?


  1. What phase of the Moon is fourth?


  1. What phase of the Moon is fifth?


  1. What phase of the Moon is sixth?


  1. What phase of the Moon is seventh?


  1. What phase of the Moon is eighth?

This first moon phase quiz was a good test of your knowledge of what the moon phases are. But how connected are you to the moon really? Step up your game with this moon phase quiz!

  1. What moon phase is it best to start a project under?
  2. During the new moon phase is the moon between the sun and earth, next to the earth, or behind the Earth?
  3. Which moon phase gives those who are born under it the “healer” personality?
  4. How often is “Once in a Blue Moon” really?
  5. When was the last blue moon as of 2/20/2018?
  6. What’s Feburary’s Full Moon’s name?
  7. What moon phase the far side of the moon?
  8. How do you find your special moon phase?

Any of these stump you? Here’s one more moon phase quiz that addresses more of your personal opinions about the moon, there are multiple “right” answers, so we’ll let the comments section decide what the outcome of this moon phase quiz is!

  1. What’s the most likely conspiracy theory about the far side of the moon?
  2. What’s the best song ever written about the moon?
  3. What’s the best movie ever made about the moon?
  4. Is the new moon better than the full moon?
  5. Do you prefer a waxing moon to a waning moon?


And now! For some fun facts about the moon you might get a moon phase quiz on later:

There are 8 main phases to the moon.

Because the way the moon revolves around the Earth, and rotates on its axis, we only ever get to see the one side of the moon. The far side of the moon is actually very different.

The full moon has been connected with strange behavior for so long that the word “lunacy” is actually derived from the Roman goddess of the moon, Luna.

There are two very pervasive conspiracy theories about the far side of the moon. The first, being that there’s a secret entrance to an extraterrestrial base stationed there (that has been edited out of all the satellite photos and everyone who’s actually been to the far side of the moon has been instructed to keep silent about it. The second, is that the Russians built a base up there and used it for nuclear testing.

The lunar calendar and the solar calendar are off of each other by about 11 days. This doesn’t mess with much in a practical sense, but some religions and cultures still use it to set their holy days.

Are you ready with the answers to this moon phase quiz?

The answers to the first moon phase quiz:

  1. New moon phase
  2. Waxing crescent moon phase
  3. First quarter moon phase
  4. Waxing gibbous moon phase
  5. Full moon phase
  6. Waning gibbous moon phase
  7. Third quarter moon phase
  8. Waning crescent moon phase.

The answers to the second:

  1. The waxing crescent is the best time to get a project going. The new moon is when you should do the thinking behind the project. Read about how the moon affects us here.
  2. The moon is between the sun and the earth during the new moon phase. Learn about the moon phase calendar here!
  3. The waxing gibbous has the lunar personality nicknamed “the healer”. Check out this quick post about the lunar personalities here.
  4. A blue moon is TYPICALLY every 2.7 years, though there are some exceptions. There are 2 blue moons in 2018.
  5. The first blue moon of 2018 was January 31st, the second will be in March. Read about blue moons and how often they come around here!
  6. The Feburary full moon is called the “snow moon” because of the heavy snowfall associated with this month. Read this post about the moon names and meanings by clicking here!
  7. Trick question! We never get to see the far side of the moon from Earth because the way the moon rotates and revolves…sorry about that. You can read more about the far side of the moon by clicking here though!
  8. By using the moon phase calendar on our shop’s site! You can even purchase a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry while you’re finding the right date by clicking here.

Well, we hope you’ve enjoyed our moon phase quiz and learned a lot from it too! Be sure to like, and put your answers for the “subjective” moon phase quiz in the comment section below. And don’t forget to leave your email address in the “subscription” box to get email updates whenever we update our blog for great new content all about the moon, life, and how the two are connected.


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