Five Journal Prompts for Clarity and Connection During the Full Moon

If you’re into journaling, we’ve got five great prompts for you to use during the next full moon to spark feelings of clarity and connection!

Whatever’s on your mind, write it out!

Most of us know of journaling’s many benefits, and there are many of us that do it to help clear our minds, find inspiration, voice our appreciations and frustrations, and keep account of our day to day lives.

Personally, we’re a big fan of journalling in rhythm with the lunar cycles and using the meaning each moon phase holds to guide us in our writing practices and focus in on the heightened emotions and tendencies that each phase of the lunar cycle brings forth.

It’s said that the full moon is a time for enlightenment, clarity, and peak creativity. It’s a timely opportunity, whether or not you’re into tracking lunar cycles, to really dig into your journaling and explore all the ideas swirling around in your mind and heart.

Revisit these five prompts each full moon, or choose one that speaks to you in the moment and give it a try!

Prompt 1: The Spiritual, the Emotional, and the Physical.

How connected am I feeling to myself, to others, and my spirituality? What emotions have presented themselves over these past few days or cycle? How am I treating my body with food, sleep, and movement? Is there a connection between any of these elements?

Prompt 2: The Future

What are my goals and intentions moving forward? What are some smaller steps within these goals and intentions to continue on this process?

Prompt 3: The Past

What am I proud of getting accomplished today, this week, or this cycle? What didn’t get done as I had planned; what can I learn from it?

Prompt 4: Dreams

What notable dreams did I have that seem to have meaning or significance? How did each one make me feel?

Prompt 5: Release

What sorts of events, ideas, or things has me feeling held back recently, and why?