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Gifts for Moon Lovers – Moonglow’s 2020 Holiday Gift Ideas


Raise your hand if you’ve been personally victimized by the year 2020. All movie references aside – this has been a challenging and difficult year for all of us.


As the time of merriment and cheer is fast approaching, we thought it would be the perfect time to put together a little Holiday Gift Guide, to help everyone get into a warm and cozy mood. For all our Moon Lovers and those who have Moon Lovers on their lists this year, these hand-picked pieces will surely put a smile on anyone’s face. Is there anything sweeter and more sentimental than giving someone the Moon? We didn’t think so! 

Celebrate your friends and loved ones – choose dates that show them how important they are to you or those dates that had impacts on both your lives. Every date has a smiling Moon overheard, whether it be a waxing crescent or full moon, it is always with you. 

Without further ado, here is Moonglow’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide: 



Charmed Simplicity Necklace $49 

When it comes to our classic pieces, the Charmed Simplicity Necklace has long been a fan-favorite. With a simple design and 13mm Moon, it’s one of those pieces that doesn’t have to be flashy to make a statement. Never forget those moments that you couldn’t be prouder of – or show someone how proud you are of them by commemorating a moment of theirs. 

The Stella Necklace in Gold $69

As we are all born under the stars, constellations high in the sky that assign us our zodiac signs, this chic necklace pays homage to those stars that twinkled up above on the day you were born. “Stella” coming from the Latin for Star, a perfect present for the stars in your life. We love the curb and link-style double chain that adds a little something extra to this gorgeous piece.

Lunar Dyad Cuff in Gold $115 

What’s better than one? It’s two. And when it comes to showcasing a significant moment, we know that it can be hard to pick just one! This cuff solves that struggle with two mini Moons on either end of the 18k gold plated band. It’s effortless and simple and a must-have this holiday season. 



The Birthstone Satellite $52

Perfect for celebrating the day someone came into the world with both the Moon from that date and their birthstone. Talk about personal! Just below the Moon pendant sits their colorful stone that will bring the wearer positive vibes and lots of good luck. We love the dainty chain that can be customized to three different lengths depending on your style! 

Moonstock Bangle Bracelet $49

Not everyone is a necklace or earring person – but when it comes to easy jewelry to wear, look no further than this cute bangle. It sits nicely on your wrist without being too tight, all while being comfortable and stylish. Perfect for everyday wear or when you’re feeling a little fancy. Plus, there is an engravable tag that you can use to feature a few words, important numbers, or dates! 

Pallene Bracelet in Rose Gold $95 

In the classic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer there’s the song “Silver and Gold” where the snowman sings that everyone wishes for Silver and Gold – but we wish for Silver and Gold and Rose gold. You can’t forget the beautiful Rose Gold. That’s why it’s made it onto our holiday list with this precious bracelet. The chain-link band is delicate, letting the Moon from the date of your choosing shine. A soon to be staple for anyone in your life. 

Pink Moon Mini Simplicity Moon & Engravable Ring Set in Gold $98

And last but certainly not least we have our favorite set, the Pink Moon Mini Simplicity Moon & Engravable Ring duo (try and say that 3 times fast). You all loved it in Stainless Steel but now we are happy to offer it in Gold. And the cherry on top – the pink Moon! In honor of the Pink-Fund, our favorite Moon gets a little makeover. One of our most popular bundles, not only do you get a Moon ring showcasing the Moon from the date of your choosing, but you also receive the Engravable Ring that can be customized to say or help you remember something special.  

That’s a wrap Moonbabes on this year’s Holiday Gift Guide for Moon lovers. We can’t wait to see what you surprise each other with! Be sure to tag us and to hashtag #MoonglowMoment for a chance to be featured on our socials. From all of us here at Moonglow, we want to wish everyone a safe and joy-filled holiday season. 


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