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Welcome to Moonglow's new blog -- SHOOT FOR THE MOON.

Since we started crafting our unique lunar phase jewelry in 2003, many of the moments you’ve shared with us have been as rare and inspiring as an amazing blue moon. So it seemed only natural to share some of those special moments we’ve been so lucky to enjoy with those of you who collect our handcrafted designs to honor a heartfelt moment in time and who over the years have become part of our extended online family.

 Every week we’ll feature a personal Moonglow experience -- maybe yours! -- along with some fun lunar facts, awesome photos, our latest creations and what’s trending moon-wise in arts, culture and fashion around the globe. That’s right, since the moon has such a powerful influence on everything and everyone -- and our Moonglow family live everywhere from tropical islands to the buzziest cities in the world -- we’ll follow what moon lovers are up to and link you to the inspired moments and stellar events that move us at Moonglow. We hope you’ll enjoy reading SHOOT FOR THE MOON as much as we’ll enjoy bringing it to you!

Let’s start off with a little Lunar Knowledge: Did you know we all see the same face or phase of the moon? Take a midnight stroll on the beach in Sydney, Miami or St. John Island in the Caribbean and the ‘near side’ of the moon will be visibly the same no matter where you plant your toes in the sand.


Every moment has a moon and is as unique as you are beautiful moonchild @daylinlainemua with one green, one brown and wearing our Lunar Knowledge necklace.


Many thanks to Monnie Greeson for her personal message last month on Facebook. It gave us goosebumps.

“My first moon glow necklace was gifted to me from my parents after he went on a cruise. I love everything about a beautiful moon so naturally I fell in love with it. I have collected a couple different ones over time. This is my newest and most special. The top moon is my moon the night of my birth. The bottom moon is my brothers. The two together make a perfect full moon. I was instantly brought to tears realizing how awesome this was. He is the piece of me that is missing yet I am reminded together we will be whole again someday. I love it. I love him. I miss him terribly. To each and every phase of every moon from now until I see him again. And even beyond that. My brother. My friend. My heart.” ‪#‎untiliseeyouagain ‪#‎MoonglowJewelry 



In global art news...the documentary “Pull of the Moon” has been making the rounds of art venues in the U.S. The film features collaboration between the Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei and Navajo artist Bert Benally who created a temporary art installation in a remote part of Coyote Canyon on the Navajo Nation. For more information, check out

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Do you have a memory you’d like us to feature, photos of the moon you’d like to share or a question about Moonglow Jewelry?

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