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Julien's Moonglow Moment

I'm Julien the CEO and Co-founder of Moonglow Jewelry 

Life, sometimes I think about what it means. I'm a bit of a numbers guy and the odds of even making it on earth is pretty incredible by statistics, and thinking about this makes me feel grateful. When I was about 25 years old, I wanted to build a company real bad, I was working in sales, traveling the country at fairs and events selling different products from Window cleaners to something called "The Smart Masker". I loved it but knew I wanted to build my own brand. I went to a goal-setting seminar that lasted 2 days long, I wasn't sure about going but I finally made the decision, booked a ticket for the event, and flew across the country from Miami to San Diego, the whole premise about the seminar was that life on earth is short and if you don't think of what you want in your life, you'll just kind of drift and then realize that life went by you and you didn't do what you wanted to do.


Julien co founder of moonglow at seminar


It hit me that life really is short and I must do all of the things I want to do or at least identify them and set a timeline to get there. Shortly after that, I decided to officially start Moonglow full-time and begin the journey of building my own brand. The day was May 15th, 2012. This day means a lot to me because it's the day I went for it. I started the company out of my house, it was a lot figuring things out for years, I even had to sell my car to buy enough merchandise to keep going. We made it through and now we are coming up on our 10 years of owning the company! I have rounded up my favorite pieces below!

Julien's Gift Guide 

1. The Engravable Ring : A great piece to commemorate that special date you hold close to your heart. There's so many ways to make this ring uniquely yours.

2. The Figaro Necklace: One of my favorite pieces to gift as the design is very unique and intricate. 

3. The Classic Necklace with Black Crystal:  The piece that started it all, I like the dark look it has yet it is still refined. 

4. The Lunar Curb Link Bracelet: I like the chunky look this piece has, with the moon in the middle it's sure to be a conversation starter


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