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Your Guide to Layers of Love

Let’s discuss layers. We see layered jewelry everywhere, and it is a trend that has no intention of ever stopping. In true Moonglow fashion, we wanted to give this trend a new meaningful twist. And this past week, we unveiled our latest collection: Layers of Love. This collection which is available in three different finishes features a curation of new chokers and engravable necklaces paired with your favorite Moonglow pieces!

All about the sets 

When it comes to choosing your set, you will have various options to work with. Beginning with the first necklace, you can choose between our classic Moonglow pieces: Lunula tetrad, Sky light, wholesome heart, or Stella necklace! You can customize this piece with the date of your choice. In this case, let's choose the Wholesome heart necklace. 

Now that you have made your selection it’s time to engrave! The second necklace consists of our newly released SunDrop engravable necklace, this is where you’ll be able to engrave that special date, name, or word that is meaningful to you! ( or if it’s a gift choose something that is meaningful to you both!)

Finally, you can complete this layered look with one of our newly released chokers. We have unveiled five new designs from which you can pick from, whether it be the Bold wheat, Aurora, Solar Link, Celestial curb, or Nova herringbone chain. For this look we are going to go with the Bold wheat chain. VOILA! Your layered masterpiece is finally complete! 

While our latest designs make for the perfect style statement, it is also a top pick for Mother’s day gifting—allowing you to customize the unique piece of jewelry that she will forever cherish and hold dear to her heart. 


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