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The Libra Edit: The Perfect Gifts for Your Favorite Libra

Calling all of our Libra Moonbabes! The Libra SZN that is symbolized by the scales in the stars is upon us. Did you know the scales are actually associated with the Roman Deity Lustitia otherwise known as Lady Justice? It’s no wonder that Libras are best known for being lovers of balance; and we don’t mean they excel at gymnastics but rather they seek an equilibrium in all aspects of their lives and environments.

If you were born between September 23rd and October 22nd you are a wonderful, charming, and detail-orientated person. You put a lot of energy into your relationships, keep things harmonious and always know how to enjoy the finer things in life. At times you may be a little indecisive but that’s only because you want to make sure you understand your options. Some may say you’re stubborn, but we see that as holding firm in your beliefs – all good things here!

So, this month we are cheers-ing you Libras *clink, clink*. And in celebration of ~YOU~ we’ve curated 10 pieces that will make you feel on top of the world.

Cosmic Spiral Ring in Rose Gold

With a Swarovski crystal shining like a little star, a soft rose gold finish and of course the image of the Moon, the Cosmic Spiral Ring is the embodiment of the sweet hues of autumn. It’s not your typical take on a ring, it’s unique and fresh, exactly what Libras bring to the table.

Mini Ituri in Silver

What’s better than one Moon? Well that’s easy, two Moons. With a symmetrical approach this beautiful necklace lets you remember not just one, but two special moments that have shaped the wonderful individual you are today.

Soleil Lune Necklace

Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet that embodies both beauty and love. Two things that effortlessly come together to compliment and strengthen one another. The Soleil Lune necklace is the amalgamation of gold and stainless steel and is said to represent the Sun (Gold) and the Moon (Silver), two entities in the sky that compliment each other just as elegantly as beauty and love.

Moonshine studs in Gold

A balance between bold and beautiful, these dainty but chic earrings are the studs you didn’t know you needed. With two potential dates to celebrate, you can either go for an asymmetric look or keep it simple with the same Moon on both ears.

Taijitu Necklace in Blue

The taijitu is a universal symbol that represents how two opposites can exist in harmony. Libras are known for being able to bring harmony to those around them, so this is a fitting piece to remind you of your powers of balance. The blue reminds us of the steady ebb and flow of water, calming and consistent.

One Moon Locket in Rose Gold

This is not your grandmother’s locket. The One Moon locket is chic and simple, with a gorgeous rose gold finish. Not flashy or overbearing, its offers just right amount of detail to make a statement.

BONUS: You can feature a Pink Moon in your new necklace as its included in our Pink Moon Collection with 5% of sales going to The Pink Fund now through October 31st, 2020.

Stella Necklace in Silver

Deriving from the word for Star, the Stella Necklace brings together the night sky by including your zodiac or sun-sign and the Moon from your date of choice. Showcase your Libra-ness with style in this gorgeous double-chained necklace.

Double Pallene in Gold

We know that at times Libras can be a tad indecisive. But with the Double Pallene bracelet you don’t have to pick just one date that you want to remember, you get to pick two. With a chain link band, this bracelet is both simple and effortless.

Moon Memory Key Ring

Ever lose your keys? We do all the time. Is it a Libra thing? Or an everyone thing? Either way ensure you never lose them again by adding the Moon Memory Key Ring to your must-haves this season. Your keys will stand out wherever you leave them and best of all the soft glow of the Moon will help when they get lost in dark places like your backpack or a purse.

Midnight Apollo Necklace

Last but certainly not least is the Midnight Apollo Necklace, featuring a Moon charm set in silver and surrounded by a bold black border. Without a doubt this piece is sure to be a conversation starter. As an Air sign you are naturally a great listener and easy to chat with and we think this necklace will go hand in hand with who you are at your core.


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