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Manifesting Your Dream Job After Graduation

How to channel celebration and positivity on your path to career happiness.

So your diploma is fresh off the printing press, your name emblazoned across it and you’re feeling the pay-off from all your hard work and long nights spent studying and writing essays. Take a moment to be proud of yourself, because you absolutely should be! It’s time to recognize all that you’ve achieved and celebrate!

This celebratory energy is an amazing way to keep the vibes of success rolling right into the next phase of life, the wonderful world beyond graduation.

Have you already accepted an offer? Are you in the process of finding the right opportunity? Or maybe you aren’t quite sure you event want to jump right into the workforce? Positive energy (and action) is exactly what it takes to find the perfect place and position for you, no matter where you are in your journey.

1. Talk about it. 

The biggest ‘must do’ in manifesting your dream job or situation is to make it known. Talk about it, talk through it, and verbally affirm your dreams. Go ahead, shout it out into the universe!

If you’re one of the many new graduates trying to map out a clear vision of your dream job — and it's totally normal to be exploring — brainstorm a list of the things that make you happiest. Do you love to write? Are you super into fitness? Are you a whiz with numbers? Talk to people around you about the things that create a spark within. You might find inspiration from the most unexpected people.

And for those who are stepping right into your first post-college job, or are on your way, keep talking about your passion. Feeding the positive energy helps stay on course. Making your enthusiasm known can only help you progress in the career of your dreams.

2. Take action.

Having your dream job fall right into your lap would be amazing, wouldn’t it? For 99.9% of us, landing the perfect opportunity takes legwork and many steps to get there. But even the smallest step can take you closer to realizing your goals, so take action toward manifesting your vision of the future.

3. Visualize.

Imagine yourself in the perfect position. How do you see yourself professionally a year from now? Five? Twenty?

Free-writing or journalling can be a great way to practice this visualization technique. Take some time to put pen to paper and write out everything about your future career. What does your office look like? How does it feel? What kind of work are you doing? The more you can visualize, the more you can envision and follow the path to your dream job. 

4. Get educated. 

Yes, we know, you just finished school, you already got the degree. But knowledge manifests itself in so many ways, especially when it comes to defining a job title or career goal. Channel the momentum of your recent achievement into learning about all the different doors now open to you because of your degree and how to find success in your chosen field.

Many people think being unexperienced works against you when it comes to finding work, but being at the start of your career journey also means being fresh and open to all sorts of available opportunities. Internships, volunteering — these are both great ways to gain experience and continue to educate yourself on the path to your dream career!

5. Stay positive, stay focused. 

Fair warning — finding your ideal job and forging your career can be challenging. But so was earning that diploma! There may be roadblocks on your path to success but you’ve already proven that you’re capable of achieving and we’re sure there’s only more success to come!

So congratulations, graduating class of 2019! Celebrate — it’s well-deserved.


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