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Meet the Beaded Bracelet Collection - A Look at the Stones and Their Meanings

Get your good vibrations here.

Ever wonder about the meanings behind certain stones and gems? Although natural stones and gems are often used in contemporary jewelry designs, their true meaning dates back to the Stone Age -- no pun intended!

Beyond admiring them for their beauty, ancient civilizations believed gemstones were imbued with healing properties and mystical powers that promised to enrich their lives.

Early Egyptians used certain gems as talismans to attract love while the Aztecs and Mayans centred rituals around stones believed to clear bad energy, increase wealth and improve mental and physical stamina. Even in Greek mythology, gemstones are revered as objects of great power.

But is it truly possible to attract more positive energy into our lives through the natural stones and gems we surround ourselves with? At Moonglow, we’ve embraced the wisdom of the ancients with our collection of beaded stone bracelets designed to bring more good vibrations to our busy modern lives. Paired with our customized lunar charms -- they’re designed to keep our life’s memories close at heart while attracting good fortune and positive energy for the future.


Tender pink Rose Quartz is famously called ‘the love magnet’. Wear our Loving Energy Bracelet in Rose Gold to bring romance into your life or to strengthen the bond with your lover, family or friends, $98 USD.


Relieve stress and invite peaceful energy and joy into your life with the ethereal sea-colored Blue Angelite stones in our Calm & Glow Beaded Bracelet, $49 USD.


Worn for enlightenment and to stimulate perceptive powers, the deep blue Lapis Luzuli  stones in our Wisdom Moon Beaded Bracelet will help keep chatty minds focused in the moment and centre our attentions on what matters most, $49 USD.


The stone of transformation, Labradorite, balances the aura, grounds spiritual energy and promotes psychic abilities. Wear our Labradorite Beaded Bracelet in Black during times of change for strength and perseverance, $49 USD.


Nothing attracts positive energy like the purity of Moonstone. Encourage inner growth and strength with our Moonstone Beaded Bracelet as you work to overcome obstacles and build self-assurance, $49 USD.

Beautifully-crafted and infinitely intriguing, these uniquely personal beaded stone bracelets will have you feeling their good vibrations every time you wear them.

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