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Moon Rings: 2020 Gift Guide

With the holidays right around the corner – and one of the most outrageous years soon coming to an end, here’s to hoping that 2021 will bring some much-needed relief.

We are going to be ringing in the New Year with two things:

the hope for a better year and with one of our Moon rings. 

Our Moon rings have been top sellers for years, and it’s a no brainer as to why.

We know that not everyone can get behind necklaces, bracelets, or even earrings.

But there is something about a ring that is more manageable, perfect for everyday life even when you’re on the go.

You’ve asked and we’ve heard you Moonbabes, here is our breakdown of our Moon rings as we take time to finish off this year remembering that we are strong, resilient, and can do anything.

Appreciate yourself this holiday season or show someone you love in your life just how much they mean to you by surprising them with a ring.

Here are our 2020 Moon rings: 

One of the newest rings to join our roster; launching this past summer as part of our Celestial Muse Collection, the Cosmic Spiral Moon ring is a ring-like no other.

A dainty adjustable band that gently wraps around your finger with a lunar image on one end a Swarovski crystal providing a sparkle on the other, you’ll never want to take this dreamy ring off.

We are obsessed with the design, not conventional but with a chic charm that we can definitely get behind.

Get it now in:


Rose Gold


Moonrise Disk Ring

We like them big; we like them chunky and this ring has it all.

As if inspired by the chic streetwear found throughout the major metropolises, there’s something about this ring that calls to be seen.

The design is eye-catching, and the fit is comfortable, what else could we ask for from a ring?

Get it now in Stainless Steel 


Mini Simplicity Moon Ring 

Some things just go better together, PB&J, Cheese & Vino, Netflix & your couch, and of course, this bundle featuring the Mini Simplicity Moon Ring and the Engravable Ring. You can buy the rings separately, but because they go together so well, we’ve created a set that includes the two of them.

With the Mini Simplicity Ring, there are no frills, it’s simple and it’s classic, no messing around. Your mini lunar charm will showcase the Moon phase from the date of your choosing. The Engravable Ring is that little accent you didn’t know you needed. Include a word, a date, a number that will make you smile every time it catches your eye. 

Get the Mini Simplicity Moon Ring now in:

Get the Engravable Ring now in:
Stainless Steel 

Get the Bundle now in:
Stainless Steel 


Moonrise Ring 

When the Moon is slowly rising above the horizon to its place high in the sky, it will always look the largest thanks to our not so great eyes- but hey we aren’t complaining.

We love to see a big and beautiful Moon and that is why our Moonrise Ring features our largest Moon phase image from amongst all of our Moon rings.

A definite conversation starter, everyone will be asking about your ring and the meaning behind the Moon phase.

Get it now in:
Stainless Steel 

Milestone Moon Ring 

We are all defined by our many milestones, all the firsts we’ve encountered, all the lasts, the fantastic triumphs, and the quiet small victories.

This ring is a staple that was made to cherish life’s different milestones. Crafted to be subtle and comfortable, use this ring as a symbol for one of the milestones you’ve reached or to surprise a loved one for something that they accomplished that you couldn’t be prouder of. 

Get it now in:
Stainless Steel 


Night Sky Moon Ring 

One of the most satisfying scenes in any Pixar movie occurs in Toy Story 2, when Woody is getting a makeover and is being refinished to his original splendor.

The old man working endlessly on this transformation when prompted makes a famous comment: “You can’t rush art”, and just like for Woody, you can’t rush the creation of the Night Sky Moon ring. 

Each of these rings is handcrafted from start to finish, the meticulous craftsmanship literally takes a few weeks. If you have your sights set on this amazing piece order ASAP to ensure it will arrive in time for the holidays.

Not only do you get a one of kind ring, but you also get to pair that with your lunar image from the date of your choice for the prettiest ring in your collection.

Get it now in:
Sterling Silver


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