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Moonglow Tajitu Balance

We love to hear about our customers. Sarah with the plaid shirt is wearing the Moonglow Tajitu Ying Yang, the piece itself features two custom moon phases for two special dates that matter to you, you can use our moon phase calculator to see what the phase of the moon looked like on your birthday or any other date in time. Sarah is wearing her sons birth moon on the top and her birth moon on the bottom. One is a waining moon and the other is a waxing moon. They are opposite sides of the moon, she is the Ying to her Yang. 

Michelle in the blue shirt is also wearing the Moonglow Tajitu Ying Yang, on the top is her birth moon and on the bottom is her husbands birth moon. Why is the one on the bottom blue? Because he was born on a new moon and we made it blue to represent the new moon. This Ying Yang gift from her husband will remembered for a long time she says. 

The Ying Yang has long been a symbol of balance for thousands of years. For every action there is an opposite reaction. We are where we are because of the choices we have made in life. We are who are with because of the choices we have made at some point in time. You give what you receive, if you want a hug, you give a hug. The best way to get punched is to throw a punch…Please don’t do that. For every decision you make or don’t make there will be a reaction. 

This month's promotion we are giving away a free Moonglow Ying Yang gift when you purchase over $99 from us. Simply use the coupon code "FREETAI". The Ying Yang itself is a little larger as you can see from the pictures so we recommend to wear it on a longer chain. This is a limited time promotion to receive the Ying Yang as a free gift.



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