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One Giant Leap – Your Favorite Moon-Landing Conspiracy Theories

(Photo courtesy of SUWALLS)

Many believe the greatest achievement of mankind occurred on July 20th, 1969. It was the first time man left the earth and traveled to another world. Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins made history when they landed the Apollo 11 spacecraft on the lunar surface. There were six more manned landings in the following three years, with the last one being in December of 1972. The question that often haunts the world, is “Why haven’t we been back?” Your favorite conspiracy theory can heavily define your personality.


One theory is, that after tolerating half a dozen missions, the aliens running the mining operation on the dark-side of the moon finally tired of the constant interruptions from the Earthlings and told us in no uncertain terms to stay home or else! If this theory gets your tin-hat zinging you are willing to go the extra 238,000 miles to find out the truth. You are open to meeting new people and are likely to see things that may remain hidden to others.

The Moon Landing was Faked

If you believe it never happened and the whole lunar landing was shot in a Hollywood Studio, you think outside of the box but may have trust issues. You are likely artistically inclined and believe photo editing apps will be a major component of society’s downfall. You have a penchant for optical illusions and for you, seeing is never believing.

The Moon is an Intergalactic No-Fly Zone

According to some conspiracy theorists, on the sixth moon landing, representatives from an intergalactic counsel made contact with our astronauts and let them know that the moon was a no-fly zone. Apparently, the world leaders agreed to their treaty, and that is the reason there have been no more manned missions to the lunar surface. If this explanation lines up with your beliefs, you are a friendly and peaceful soul, and have no trouble following rules. You spread happiness and joy and are terrific at settling conflicts.

It’s Just Too Expensive

Let’s face facts, it is ridiculously expensive to go to the moon, not to mention, dangerous. With economies at home struggling, it is hard to justify the billions-of-dollars price tag of another trip to Lunar Land. According to those that know, we saw everything there was to see between 1969 and 1972. Although not exactly a conspiracy theory, for a lot of people it is a good solid reason for not going back. People who believe this theory are pragmatic, logical with a firm foot in reality. Although they appreciate the beauty of the moon and are proud the achievement. they would rather spend their money on an exceptional piece of Moonglow jewelry than pay lunar landing-induced taxes.

The truth is, we may never know the truth. Unless you are the president of a superpower or the head of an intelligence agency, the reason why we never went back to the moon will remain elusive. So, trust your own instincts and revel in your own beliefs and ultimately be grateful for the beauty of that big chunk of rock in the sky.


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