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Prepare for the New Year With the 2018 Lunar Calendar

As the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, it signifies a new beginning, a clean slate, and a chance to reset intentions. Another aspect of a new year that also brings new beginnings and significance in all of our lives is a fresh lunar calendar.

With 2018 here, it’s the perfect time to embark on a journey that includes remaining in tune with nature, and more specifically: the moon. Today, we’re here to teach you what a lunar calendar is, why you should use it to stay in tune with the moon in 2018 and astrology predictions by sign.

What is a Lunar Calendar?

While we’re all accustomed to using a regular calendar—also commonly referred to as a Gregorian or civil calendar—it’s not second nature to everyone to use a lunar calendar. And while the two calendars share some similarities, they’re also quite different from one another.

A lunar calendar revolves completely around the phases of the moon. A full cycle through all the moon phases (there are eight of them) lasts about 29 and a half days. Each of these cycles is called a lunation. A lunar calendar tracks twelve full lunations. Because lunations are shorter than a regular calendar month, the lunar calendar falls approximately 11 days short of a Gregorian calendar. A lunar calendar is a little bit over 354 days.

In most lunar calendars, a new moon signifies the start of both a new lunar calendar and a fresh lunation. The new year starts with a full moon on January first and the first new moon of 2018 will occur on January 17th.

The lunar calendar also corresponds with that of the zodiac signs. While the lunar calendar tracks the moon’s cycle through its eight phases, it also tracks its path around the sky, from one zodiac constellation to another.  According to astrologists, the lunar zodiac path influences all of our lives.

Astrology and the Moon: 2018 Predictions


Those who identify with the Aries sign have personality traits that include being spontaneous, daring, courageous, energetic, optimistic, and impatient. For 2018, astrologists predict that Aries should prepare themselves for a year filled with realized dreams and sharp focus. (Maybe through meditating with the new moon this year!)


Those under the Taurus sign tend to be reliable, practical, ambitious, and financially savvy. Astrologists predict 2018 to be a year for this sign to feel in control of their lives and a highly creative one, too. Careful around the full moon when your emotions tend to run high during this period.


Those who celebrate being a Gemini are known to be expressive, quick-witted, and highly sociable. 2018 is predicted to be an emotionally balanced year. Intimacy and harmony are in store, and there are also changes on the horizon as there is the potential for relocation or home improvements. Make plans during the waxing crescent to ensure your intentions are set from the start.


Cancers are known to be intuitive and sentimental, as well as emotional and sensitive, particularly surrounding their families and homes. 2018 promises to allow for contentment and invite enjoyable changes in their lives and homes. Take advantage of the full moons coming up this year, as it will bring your full power of intuitiveness to fruition.


Leos sign are warm, action-oriented people who enjoy being in the spotlight. Astrologists predict their 2018 to be filled with personal change and growth as well as a wealth of new opportunities. Every lunar cycle is a chance to soak in these new opportunities!


Virgos are complex creatures, boasting an analytical mind, kind personality, and practical persona. 2018 promises to be a time of endings and new beginnings for Virgos, which is quite exciting! Take advantage of the waning crescent each month as it gives you time to recover from the changes.


For Libras, the upcoming year is predicted to be one to indulge in creativity, particularly in the first month of the year. This will jive with some of Libras’ personality traits, as they’re naturally kind, gentle, and have an eye for beauty. Once the new moon begins in January, remember to set intentions for the whole month.


Known for being strong-willed and mysterious, Scorpios should gear up for personal and professional benefits to come into their lives. Those under this sign will welcome positive changes into their lives this lunar calendar year.


Those who align with the Sagittarius zodiac sign are trademarked as curious and energetic individuals with a love of travel. Those who celebrate this sign should expect growth and fulfillment over 2018. The full moon’s feeling of harvest will be sure to play a role in the months to come.


The most determined of the bunch, Capricorns are set to have a year filled with a spiritual journey, which will inspire new travels, intellectual voyages, and foreign connections. For Capricorns, it may be important to stay in closer tune with the moon’s phases and changes.


Aquarius signs are said to be independent, sociable, and excellent communicators. The year ahead holds great social experiences for all under this sign, which is something great to look forward to! The full moon will bring out your talkative side, so be sure to plan events around that time of year.


Pisces are trademarked as selfless, helpful, and empathetic. Astrologists predict that this year will bring them happiness and balance due to the pleasing environment they will be a part of. If you’re a Pisces, be sure to help your friends through challenging times, which generally happen during the first quarter moon.

No matter what astrological sign you identify with, aligning yourself with the power of the moon will permit you to harness your astrological energy to use in a positive way and to take advantage of all of the benefits this force of nature has to offer.

Stay In Tune With the Moon

Utilizing a moon phase chart or lunar calendar is a great way to stay in tune with the phases of the moon. The moon is said to “live and die” again and again as it cycles through its phases time after time. Being an active part of these “lives” allows us to harness self-knowledge and spiritual growth for ourselves.

The gift of a lunar calendar is useful because it’s a powerful planning tool. It grants us the knowledge we need to plan out the way we interact with the moon and its inevitable phases. The more aware you are of the moon’s path through the zodiac constellations throughout the year, the more easily you’ll be able to connect with the different astrological signs.

Keeping track of how you feel throughout each moon phase and detecting patterns over time will also help you to plan out important life events in relation to the path of the moon. Allow the different phases of the moon, and keeping track of such, to allow you to learn about yourself, continue on your spiritual journey, and to promote mental, emotional, and spiritual growth throughout the lunar calendar.




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