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The Scorpio Edit: The Perfect Gifts for Your Favorite Scorpio

Calling all of our Scorpio Moonbabes! The season of sugar, spice, and everything nice is approaching.We are taking the time to appreciate one of the most misunderstood signs of the zodiac. Often confused for a fire sign due to what seems like a never-ending amount of passion and zest for life, this zodiac is actually a water sign.

If you were born between October 23rd to November 22nd, you know what you want, and you’re not afraid to work to get it. Calculated and perceptive, your energy can be a little manic – just like the scorpion, you’re a powerhouse and may be intimidating to others. With a tendency to be private and secretive, you will always ensure to have a few tricks up your sleeve. And when it comes to relationships, you are incredibly faithful and can form deep emotional connections. 


In honor of you, Scorpios, we’ve curated ten pieces that you’re going to be obsessed with and will be wanting to add to your collection ASAP. And for everyone else - well, this is a perfect gift guide to surprise a beloved Scorpio in your life. 

Mini Simplicity & Engravable Ring in Gold 

Simple, yet ready to make a statement, we start our gift guide with one of our favorite pairings, which finally comes in Gold! This was one long-awaited bundle and for a good reason. Not only do you get a mini Moon on the first ring, but you also get an engravable ring. Include a date, a name, coordinates, a special number; this set can be customized to be as unique as you. 


Luminous Lanyard

While you are busy conquering the world, you don’t always remember where you left your keys. We’ve got you covered. With a long chain of crystal beads and a Moon pendant that will gently glow in the dark, be confident that you won’t have to rifle in your bag or coat... for too long. This lanyard will also easily catch your eye across the room.


Stella Necklace in Gold 

Our Stella Necklace harnesses our constellations’ energy and lets you adorn the Scorpio’s symbol, the “M” glyph featuring a scorpion’s tale on the end of the right side. Be loud and be proud to be born an intense, passionate, and thoughtful person.  


Milestone Bracelet in Deep Blue 

As a water sign, – Scorpios are sensitive and sentimental. Their emotions run high like the crashing waves or low like the stillness of a lake. That’s why we love the Milestone Bracelet in Deep Blue. The Deep Blue is a fun play on words and represents the depth of this sun sign’s emotions. Use this bracelet as a reminder of a milestone, you sometimes can’t believe you’ve reached; as a way to celebrate you and your accomplishments. 


Family Locket Necklace in Silver 

Your family is important to you; you are fiercely loyal and protective over them through thick and thin. Even if they drive you a little crazy from time to time, at the end of the day, they are yours, and you cherish them. With the family locket, you get three Moon charms that you can use to remember either birthdays or special moments important to you and your family. 


Regio Keychain

Wherever you may wander and roam, keep a memory with you on your Regio keychain. Sporting a large, Supermoon sized pendant, you can be confident that there is nothing you can’t achieve once you have set your sights.  

Namaqua Necklace in Silver 

Effortlessly beautiful and whimsical, the Namaqua Necklace is named after a breathtaking National Park in South Africa. Known as the “The Creators Playground” for the incredible diversity and life found within, this necklace is exactly what you need when you’re feeling in need of a little encouragement and a reminder that things will work out the way they need to. 


Classic Silver Birthstone Necklace

Whether your birthstone is a Topaz or Rose Zircon, our Classic Silver Birthstone Necklace lets you showcase a little sparkle of your precious stone. We love the detailing around the Moon charm; it adds a little something more to this piece. Technically, your birthstone is a part of the branding that makes you uniquely you! 

Fille de la Lune Bracelet with White Pearl

We end our Scorpio Edit with one of the newest pieces from the Warmth & Wane Collection: The Fille de la Lune Bracelet in White Pearl. Did you know that ancient mythology describes pearls as “daughters of the Moon”? Legend states that the Moon drops pieces of its white brilliance into the ocean as a gift for the waters. Bringing together the sea and the sky, we are so happy that pearls have made a comeback this year. 


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