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Six Best 2018 Black Friday Sales for the Anti-Black Friday Crowd

Photo by Artem Bali on Unsplash

There are so many reasons Thanksgiving is the real hero of holidays. Fall leaves, crisp air, that giant orange autumn moon, pumpkin spice everything, family gatherings, the general discomfort of having eaten waaaaaay too much -- I could go on. If there are any drawbacks to the festive holiday season, one is that our wallets might be feeling a little lighter than we’d like because y’know, holiday spending.

Enter, Black Friday and the Deals You Can’t Miss

“How are Thanksgiving and Black Friday related,” you ask? I don’t know, really, except that the official shopping extravaganza always follows the day after Thanksgiving. Which means that this year it falls on Friday, November 23, 2018.

Whether it’s gifts or that special something you’ve been eyeballing for yourself all year -- HELLO STUART WEITZMAN NAPA LEATHER BOOTIES (I’m hopeful that since they’re currently on sale, the great autumn moon goddess will bless me with extra savings.) -- Black Friday shopping can be the best thing you can take advantage of to save your bank account.

But wait. “I hate shopping, and shopping on a day when all the professional shoppers are peacocking around in their natural element sounds like my own personal hell,” you say? We get it. It’s loud, it’s crowded, there’s so much going on you can’t even enjoy your PSL. Here’s a little nugget of knowledge for those of you who haven’t considered even looking into Black Friday in at least 5 years -- Black Friday isn’t really just on the Friday after Thanksgiving anymore.

Before the advent of online retailing and the birth of Cyber Monday, the Black Friday frenzy was a real big thing. Like crazy pants. As in, get up out of bed at 2 am after a full day of Thanksgiving feasting and drag yourself to your nearest brick-and-mortar big box retailer kind of crazy. Nowadays, many retailers will offer Black Friday savings for several days leading up to the BIG day in-store AND ONLINE (sorry, I’m screaming).

SO, there’s no reason you can’t take advantage of the offers being put at your feet (hopefully literally because Stuart Weitzman booties, please). We’ve compiled a list of 6 best Black Friday deals you shouldn’t miss even if it means getting yourself elbow deep in a pile of discounted Marc Jacobs bags or refreshing your browser a million times hoping someone dropped that one coveted item from their cart so you can swoop in victoriously.


Let’s get started:

1.  For the shoe-obsessed (Hi, it’s me.)

Seriously. Stuart Weitzman. We’re talking real Dutchess of Sussex, Megan Markle vibes here. Except, check out these over-the-knee beauts. You know Queen Liz would never approve. Stuart Weitzman shoe styles range from classic to classic-with-a-little-extra, and they are reported to be offering up to 40 percent off.


2.  For gift shopping

Nordy (as I like to call it -- we’re that familiar) is the well-heeled, put-together but still fun big sister to your big box retailers. Not to say that gift shopping at Target and Walmart isn’t great, but if your wallet cries actual tears every time you step into Nordstrom, Black Friday is a great time to go for a visit and pick up something nice for your loved ones. Nordstrom is offering up to 60 percent off tons of stuff from 10 p.m. PST on Tuesday, November 20 through Monday, November 26 at 11:59 p.m. PST. And if I were shopping for myself, I’d be picking up this little go-anywhere, do-anything dress you’re seeing all over Instagram. #leithdress (It’s pretty affordable at full price, but hell -- more savings, please and thank you.)


If you’re looking for something a little more special and on-trend but still want to save some cash, Moonglow’s rose gold line is definitely worth a look-see. On Cyber Monday, Moonglow is offering 10% off on the gold and rose gold moon jewelry pieces. This is in addition to the Black Friday deals offering up to 40% off on moon bracelets and necklaces. Look at this sweet little number. Put it on over your new Leith dress and you’ll be Insta-ready. Erm, I meant gift it to a friend or your sister to show them just how amazing you think they are.


3.  For the gadget lover

So for the xennials and older generations (ok, and perhaps a few within the millennial set), Black Friday conjures up images of ungodly hordes of people shopping for that most-coveted item of the year. There’s a good reason that for super savers going to Walmart on Black Friday is like making a pilgrimage to the holy land of department stores. From toys to vacuums, laptops to security systems, Walmart simply is hard to beat when it comes to slashing prices for the gadget shopper.


4.  For the K-beauty craze

K-beauty (Korean beauty, traditionally described as a DAILY 10-STEP REGIMEN FOR JUST YOUR FACE) has taken the skincare world by storm. I mean, it’s a whole industry. If you’ve seen your friends posting selfies wearing those wet paper masks, that’s just one step out of 10. But seriously, you know it’s everywhere. Peach & Lily is an online retailer specializing in K-beauty and they’re offering 30 percent off with no exclusions.Get your low-down on the how-to and get your glow on, girl.


5.  For the fitness buff

When celebs like Gigi Hadid and Taylor Swift donned Alo Yoga’s cult-favorite moto leggings, the L.A.-based brand captured the hearts of the athleisure community. (Move over Lululemon? The Canadian company celebrates Boxing Day instead of Black Friday anyway.) They make some seriously beautiful stuff and if the price tags are a little off-putting, why not take advantage of their 30 percent off deal on Black Friday? I mean, take a look at these gorgeous Moonlit leggings. And by the looks of their models, these clothes are functional, too.


6.  For the foodie

UP TO 65 PERCENT OFF?! Yes, I am screaming again. Sur La Table isn’t known for their affordable cookware and kitchen gadgets but their Black Friday deal sure is generous. I mean, we’re talking about Le Creuset pieces at nearly 50 percent discount. I dream of my French provincial kitchen that perpetually smells like freshly baked bread.


Black Friday isn’t for everyone. There’s a lot going on, it’s work to save money. But you also know holiday spending can hit hard, so why not give it a whirl. This shopping holiday also isn’t what it used to be. With the internet at your fingertips, you’ll find fantastic steals (although I can’t promise the savings won’t be better in-store).

You know that one friend who always has the most amazing stuff and you’re not sure how she affords all of it? You know she shops smart, even if she hates the thought of elbow-checking that person who tried to snag the last pair of Stuart Weitzmans.


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