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Something for Everyone: Moonglow’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Love is like the Moon, always present even when you can’t see it. It is part of each day, sometimes quietly and sometimes (like during a full moon), it’s captivating and takes your breath away.

The Moon may not be perfect, with its many craters, but it’s ours and there’s something special about that loving the imperfect. The Moon brings us closer together, lovers and dreamers have long gazed at the Moon when separated to remind themselves that even though they’re not together, they always have a connection. 

Therefore, it makes us pretty confident that there is nothing better than the Moon to gift this Valentine’s Day. We are firm believers that Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers, it’s for everyone. Humans can experience 8 kinds of love in many different kinds of relationships. From romantic ones to those between friends and family, love is all around us. 

That’s why we’ve put together our Valentine’s Day gift guide, with something for everyone. Put a smile on someone’s face and remind them of your love with one of our pieces or bundles. Make it memorable with Moonglow!

The Celeste Curb Link Bracelet in Gold 

What do you get when you take a thick curb chain, tiny heart charms, a crystal rhinestone and of course the moon phase from any date? You get the perfect Valentine’s Day gift! The Celeste Curb Link bracelet will make an impact on anyone’s jewelry collection. 


The Titan Bracelet in Matte Black 

For whoever continues to make a lasting impression of your heart, gift them the Titan Bracelet. Symbolizing both power and sophistication, this flattened curb link chain bracelet is luxurious and chic. A memorable date will always shine brightly as a moon phase, making for a unique and heartfelt present.


The Onyx Energy Bracelet 

Simplicity is beautiful. That statement really holds true with the Onyx Energy bracelet that features black onyx matte beads with faceted black beads for a subtle contrast that is said to bring protection and harmony. Surprise someone whose strength and perseverance you admire. 


The Amethyst Allure Bracelet 

Send your love along with a calming and cleansing energy in a piece that is beautiful and captivating. Gold beads are paired with small amethyst beads in the richest purple for a piece that is just right for everyday wear. Put a smile on someone’s face with the Amethyst Allure bracelet this Valentine’s Day. 


The Celestial Allure Bundle 

Featuring the Celeste Curb Link Bracelet and the Amethyst Allure bracelet for that gold aesthetic that everyone needs. A match made in the heavens, that features the moon phase from any date that has been special for the both of you. It’s the details in this piece that will have someone gushing, the sparkle of the Celeste Curb Link, the rich purples of the Amethyst Allure Bracelet and the calming energy that this combo is sure to provide. 


The Onyx Titan Bundle

Last by certainly not least, the Onyx Titan bundle features the Onyx Energy Bracelet and the Titan bracelet for a statement that is both bold and sophisticated. Gift it to someone who is ready to take on the world.

The matte black is different, it’s strong and subtle, making it great for everyday wear or when someone is ready to dress to impress. And of course, this bundle features a moon phase from a date that means the world to you both. 

To all our Moon muses, we wish you the most wonderful Valentine’s Day. May the Moon continue to inspire and awe you and those you hold close to your heart.


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