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Spring 2020 Jewelry Trends

How to Wear This Season’s Most Popular Styles

The spring trends are here and ~we are excited~. Fresh off the runways, we’re breaking down the most popular jewelry styles and trends for the season and how you can style your Moonglow to spruce up your (stay-at-home) outfits and reign in the spring.

A Pop of Colour

Forget the monotones of winter, this spring we’re seeing a blast of colour. Keeping things natural and fresh, what better way to revive your looks than by adding pieces with a fun and colourful vibe. We’re loving our Birthstone Collection to do just that, an accessory that is completely tailored to you, with your special moon and your own pop of color in the form of a delicate birthstone. The perfect pairing for a warm spring day or helping with those Monday blues.

Our favourites:


Chain Link Fever

Chain link jewelry has always been in, and we mean always. Originating around 2500 BCE it was the first type of jewelry we ever rocked (including Ms. Cleopatra). Fast forward to now and we still love chain link, but we’re taking a bit of a softer approach with a little layering. To channel this trend this season we love our Moon Brass Necklace for its soft, warm-toned links, and we’re mixing it up by layering it with the Black Stainless Steel link chain and the Sterling Silver Moon Necklace. Brass, black and sterling silver make for a display that’s equal parts elegant and versatile, ideal for wherever the season takes you.

Create this stack for yourself:

Moon Brass Necklace  25”

Sterling Silver Moon Necklace 20”

Moonlight Black Link Chain 18”

Stone and Crystal Jewelry

Keeping things natural and coinciding with a deep love of the earth, stone and crystal jewelry are a wonderful reminder that our planet brings us so much beauty. Our Beaded Bracelets are perfect for everyday wear, working from home, going on a walk or ordering some much deserved take out. We suggest grabbing a few of your favourite colours (we have 5!) to complete the look.

Shop the collection:






Bestie Bracelets

Blasting into initial popularity in the 1970s, friendship bracelets likely have a fond place in many of our childhoods. This season, we’re really excited to say that they’re making a comeback but instead of the colourful embroidery floss wristlets of years ago, we love the idea of adding sophistication while still telling our besties that we cherish them in our lives. Our Mini Satellite Bracelet can be worn on its own or as a part of a stack with other favourite bracelets. Treat your bestie this spring with a special moon moment that you both share! It makes a great surprise to find in the mail to brighten their days as we practice social distancing. Available in gold, rose gold and silver.

Shop the Mini Satellite Bracelets here:




Delicate Asymmetry

One of our favourite trends for this spring is working with a little asymmetry. Playing off of slight differences, there’s something about asymmetric contrast that is super eye-catching. Our Celestial Moonrise Earrings can be customized with a different moon on each ear, allowing you to remember two special moments in your life every time you wear them. Another way you could rock the asymmetry trend? Consider going solo with just one earring! Parting your hair to the side with an elegant moon hung from one ear can make for a bold statement that is sure to turn heads this spring in the best way possible.

What spring jewelry trend are you most excited to incorporate into your wardrobe?

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