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The Aquarius edit

Throw your hands up in the air and celebrate that 2021 is finally here. Pop your champagne, exhale in relief and let’s celebrate our independent, unique, and humanitarian Aquarius babies!

If you’re born between January 20th and February 18th, you’re represented by the water bearer sometimes known as a mystical healer who brings water or “life” to the land. Ever heard of the French expression “eau de vie”? It literally translates into “water of life” and that’s basically your motto as an Aquarius. Did you know that the word Aquarius actually comes from the Latin word “water bearer”? The meaning is pretty clear, things would be dry and would basically suck without all of you. 

That’s why we have compiled some of our favorite pieces for the Aquarius in your life – whether it’s you or someone you love and cherish. A perfect gift guide to make a surprise extra special. 


Stella Necklace in Stainless steel  

Water is a big theme for you Aquarians, as seen in your zodiac symbol that looks like two little waves. Fun fact, even with all the mention of aqua you’re actually an air sign? You’re a thinker and a great communicator and you know how to live life to the fullest, be proud of that. The Stella Necklace is perfect for you, not only will you get to remember a moment with your Moon phase, but you’ll also get to show off your zodiac sign as it sits above your Moon. 

Crepuscule Cuff 

When it comes to originality, no one does it quite like you. That’s why you’re definitely going to want to add this cute cuff to your collection. Cuffs are dreamy, easy to wear, and go with everything. We love this one because you get to showcase your Moon on one side and a star shines on the other. 

Classic Silver Birthstone Necklace 

We’ve been around long enough that a few pieces have reached the “classic” status. They’re always in style, their designs just can’t be beaten. One of your all-time favs Moonbabes is our Silver Birthstone Necklace, so if you don’t already have one, it’s a must-have. If you’re born in January your necklace will feature a red sparkle symbolizing Garnet, your birthstone and if born in February it will showcase the purple of the amethyst. This necklace, therefore, is as unique as you, with your special Moon from a date of your choosing and your birthstone. 

The Engravable Ring in Gold 

You’re good at making decisions. It’s simple, you take the time to think about it, and then you’re all set. Our Engravable Ring is perfect for remembering some of the best decisions you’ve made in your life. Whether you engrave the name of your partner, the date of an important anniversary, or an achievement, this ring is that little bit of gold you’re going to be excited to wear every day.  


Moonstone Beaded Bracelet in White 

We love all things Moon related, so obviously, we are obsessed with this bracelet that features Moonstone beads in a pearly white. Aren’t you? It’s simple and sophisticated, it doesn’t need anything fancy to be beautiful, just like you Aquarians. Your need to help others, provide equality and freedom is so pure, and this bracelet is the perfect symbol of that. 

Pink Moon Sky Light 

You’ve definitely heard the expression, “once in a blue Moon” but have you ever heard “once in a pink Moon” or better yet, “twice in a Pink Moon”? It sums up our Pink Moon Necklace perfectly as this dainty and sweet necklace features a Moon from any date of your choosing. The best part is that the Pink Moon represents our commitment to donating portions of our proceeds to the Pink Fund that supports cost-of-living expenses for breast cancer patients so they can focus on healing and returning to their normal life. 

Trinity Moon Charm Bracelet 

It has long been said that everything perfect comes in three or that every set of three is complete. And we couldn’t agree more. Our Trinity Moon Charm Bracelet showcases three Moons perfectly. Three separate moments that have brought you to where you are today, that have shaped who you are as a person are the ideal dates to rock with this bracelet. 

We thank our Aquarians for keeping the rest of us in check, with their deep sense of justice, liberalness, and fairness. We prize you for being eccentric and independent and we can’t wait to see you wearing your favorite Moonglow pieces. Remember to tag us with your #MoonglowMoment for a chance to be featured on our socials! 


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