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The Aries edit

We are saying BYE to the blues of winter and HELLO to the remerging sun of springtime. With the start of Spring, we are also welcoming the season of our Aries babies! If you were born between March 21st and April 19th you are a passionate and optimistic person that is filled with an energy that the rest of us are downright envious of. 

Did you know you are first in the zodiac? The Spring Equinox officially kicks off the new zodiacal year. Represented by a strong and powerful ram, your ambitious and adventurous nature makes you an ideal person for trying new things with. In honor of you and your infectious optimism and because we couldn’t be happier to mark the beginning of a warmer and brighter season, we’ve picked 5 pieces that will pair perfectly with any Aries. 

If you are not an Aries, we started our Zodiac Edits with Libras back in September and have slowly been making our way through! If we haven’t gotten to your sign yet, then think of this as a perfect gift guide for any Aries Moonbabes in your life!  


Logosphere Birthstone Bangle 

When it comes to celebrating you and your individuality, look no further than this bangle. You can customize the Moon phase on the charm by simply plugging in a special date (perhaps your birthday!) into our Moon phase calculator to see what our favorite celestial body looked like that night and then you select your birthstone. 

If you are born in March, then it’s the sweet blue of Aqua Marine and if your birthday is in April then it’s the crisp white of the Diamond. Remember that we use crystals, not gemstones! Sorry April, you won’t get a real diamond, but we promise the bracelet will still look great. 

Atlas Link Heart Necklace in stainless steel

Atlas is the Greek God of strength and endurance. Sound familiar? Those are two of the qualities that we often see with those born under Aries. This necklace borrowed its name from the God because each link is meant to represent limitless love, the kind that never faults and never fails. As a Ram, you are extremely loving, selfless, and devoted and it’s like this necklace was made for you. 

Lunar Dyad Cuff in stainless steel

What’s better than one Moon phase? Well, that’s super easy – it’s two. This cuff lets you select not just one but two dates to show off to the world. We know that as an Aries you’re not prone to indecisiveness, but as a fire sign with a zest for life, we know that it might be tricky for you to choose just one important date! So, we are happy it’s not an issue with this sleek and chic cuff.  

Cosmic Spiral Ring in rose gold 

One of our most popular ring designs, for a very good reason, the Cosmic Spiral ring is not your traditional take on a classic ring, instead, it effortlessly wraps around your finger. With a bit of sparkle thanks to the Swarovski’s crystal on one end and your personalized Moon phase on the other it makes for one dreamy piece. We love it in the rose gold finish and trust us when we say this will quickly become your go-to daily finishing touch. 

Pallene Bracelet in gold 

As of one the most confident signs of the zodiac – we are all a little jealous of how you carry yourselves and are determined to succeed. So last, but certainly not least we have the Pallene bracelet that will pair effortlessly with your energy and spirit. With a soft but super pretty link chain, the main focus is on your Moon phase, so make sure you choose a date that you can’t wait to talk about when everyone is asking you about this beauty! 

That wraps us our Aries Edit – remember to show off your pieces and to tag us with your #MoonglowMoment for a chance to be featured on one of our socials. Until next time Moonbabes! 


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