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The Cancer Edit

The height of summer is upon on. And we can’t get enough of it this year. From being able to socialize again and soaking in the sun, we want to enjoy an endless summer. We know our Moonbabes would agree that we are all happy to welcome the Cancer szn. If you were born between June 21st and July 22nd, we’re cheers-ing our fancy cocktails to you. 

 Did you know that Cancers are governed by the Moon? That’s your ruling planet. Yes, we know the Moon is not a planet but when it comes to the astrology the Sun is the King of the Universe while the Moon is the Queen. It comes as no surprise that our Cancers are big lovers of all things Moon. 

 We’ve curated our favorite summer pieces that will be perfect for enjoying all the sun, stars, and moon during your birthday month. 

 Moon and Stars Cuff 

Whether you rock it in stainless steel or gold, we couldn’t think of a better gift for yourself (or for the Cancer in your life). This chic cuff features the Cancer constellation on one end and the Moon from any date on the other. Perhaps your birthday!? It can be any date that you want to wear all summer long. 

 Solar Link Chain in Stainless Steel 

As a Cancer we know that you’re not the greatest with change, you like to keep things steady without any surprises and aren’t fans of pieces that are too flashy. That’s how we know you’ll simply adore this piece. It’s a delicate piece that just has a lot to say. The links are elegant and pair perfectly with your other Moonglow necklaces as the choker style means that it will complement longer chains. 

Milestone Bracelet in Sky Gray 

Do you take time to celebrate yourself? Both the big and small achievements? You really should. Your identity as a Cancer is the source of your emotional security. And so, we are loving this bracelet for you. All about life’s milestones. Easy to slip on, it’s an everyday piece you’ll be obsessed with.



Classic Silver Birthstone Necklace 

 For the June Cancer, your birthstone is a light amethyst, soft and dreamy. And for the July Cancer, a bright and bold ruby. We think birthstones are a major vibe and we love wearing ours on the Classic Silver Birthstone Necklace. Pick between two finishes, silver, and pewter and between our 4 chain lengths. Your Moon will shine brightly, literally! A soft glow illuminates the charm in the absence of light. 

Pallene Bracelet in Rose gold

Considered one of the most emotionally intelligent signs of the zodiac; Cancers tend to feel very deeply and are extremely sentimental. Being emotionally intelligent means you’re very perceptive of your feelings and of those around you, which is a great thing. All the moments that made you feel happy, excited, wonderful, well they all have a Moon. The hard part is picking which date you want to showcase on your Pallene Bracelet. 

For those of us who have special Cancers in our lives remember one thing. That just like their celestial spirit animals (crabs) people born under this sign often have hard exteriors but are complete softies on the inside. Make their birthday month by gifting them the Moon this year! And if you’re reading this post and wondering if you need that bracelet or that necklace – the answer is yes, absolutely. 


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