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The Capricorn Essentials

As daylight seems to slip away and the temperatures get cooler, we have at least one thing to look forward to in these early winter months: Capricorn season!! If you were born between December 21st and January 20th, you’re an Earth sign (along with Taurus and Virgo) that everyone looks up to. 
Considered the hardest working of all the signs, your incredible ambition and drive continues to excel you through life. Your practicality, adaptability and self-reliance mean that you are always reaching for the Moon (and we’re here for it). 
You set goals, both large and small and are always striving to succeed. Your accomplishments are endless and in honour of you, we’ve put together our Capricorn Essentials. Pieces that will not only will you love but can remind you of just how far you have come.
Perfect for a birthday treat (even if your birthday has passed, we won’t tell anyone) or to surprise the Capricorn in your life who you adore. 

The Carina Hoops
We’ll start with one of our favourite Capricorn essentials: the Carina Hoops. Capricorns are seen as both stylish and sophisticated.
You’re always well dressed, without relying too heavily on trends, because you have a classic style. These hoops feature a twisted rope design and a dangling Moon phase on each earring.
You can either select one date keeping things symmetrical or two different dates for a potentially asymmetrical look. It’s up to you! 

The Astral Skylight Necklace
There’s a reason our Skylight necklace is one of our most beloved designs, it’s simple and beautiful. Really what’s not to love? We’ve now recreated this iconic piece with the stars in mind. Your own stars to be exact.
The pendant features the constellation of your zodiac. In this case the famed horned goat. It’s cuter in constellation form than you think! Available in three finishes: gold, rose gold and silver!

The Moonstock Bangle Bracelet
As a Capricorn you prioritize things that make you feel great, and you surround yourself with the luxuries of life.
The Moonstock bangle bracelet will be your reminder that the key to happiness is taking time to continue enjoying the little things. Celebrate a moment that you’ll always remember with a moon phase from that date.
You can even engrave this piece to make for that extra personalization.   

The Moon Memory Key Ring
It’s been said that Earth signs are the most pragmatic and ‘down to earth’ of all the signs. That’s where this key ring fits in.
Attach it onto just about anything and take it with you wherever you go. Keep your moment close on hand always. With two finishes: matte black and silver we know this key chain goes with everything. 

Mini-Moon Engravable Ring Set
We love a good set. Two for one just feels better, always. With the Mini-Moon engravable ring set you get a mini-moon ring plus a dainty engravable ring that pair like the Moon and stars.
A luxurious duo that we know our Capricorns will just adore. With a moon phase from any date of your choosing on one and a word, date, or number on the other you’ll feel empowered whenever you wear these rings. You can grab this set in either stainless steel or in gold! 
To all our Capricorns, we wish you the happiest birthdays! May this next year bring you happiness and prosperity and maybe a piece or two from us here at Moonglow. We raise our glasses to you and cheers to all the excitement that waits for you.


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