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The Colour of Love: Why Rose Gold is Our Go-To This Wedding Season

Rose gold has made a real comeback into the realm of popular culture and we for one, couldn’t be happier. This season, it’s our top choice when it comes to wedding gifts and we’ve got all sorts of reasons why. From symbolism to the subtle warmth that its pinkish hue emits, you’ll be sure to be the bride’s favourite with a little rose gold in hand on the big day.

The Meaning of Rose Gold

Made from a combination of gold mixed with a copper alloy, rose gold can range from taking on a pale pink hue to deep rosy tones.

In the last few years, the most well-known brands and fashion houses have put out some truly beautiful rose gold pieces, and for good reason. Not only does its soft pink hue suggests romance and femininity, but we must say, it also looks great on practically everyone.

Pink gives the impression of intimacy, less intense than red but just as passionate. As well, many don’t know this, but each variation of gold has its own meaning — white gold for purity, yellow gold for friendship, and rose gold for lasting love, making it the ideal wedding gift for the newlywed couple celebrating their special day.

Wedding Gifts Galore (and engagements, too!)

Whether you’re looking for a gift for the bridal party, parents of the newlyweds or the newlyweds themselves, rose gold jewelry holds the perfect sentiment for celebrating nuptials. Anyone involved in the big day will no doubt appreciate a token that stands for love, warmth, compassion, and commitment.

Our number one pick is the Loving Energy Beaded Bracelet. The mini lunar charm and our engravable tag are a beautiful shade of rose gold, paired with a delicate rose quartz beaded bracelet. As an added bonus rose quartz brings with it an energy of love, commitment and caring, sentiments that are completely in tune with any wedding day celebration.

Our Lovers In the Locket necklace is another piece perfectly designed to celebrate a wedding day. Signifying the coming together and connection of two people in love, this locket gives the choice of customizing the piece with the moons from two special dates. The lovebirds’ birthdays or two dates of importance (like the engagement and wedding day!) are popular examples that offer the perfect sentiment to capture the moment. We guarantee you’ll score extra brownie points with the happy couple by adding an engravable tag to surprise the bride (or groom) with a special message.

Our final rose gold recommendation is the Mini Simplicity Necklace & Bead Chain. We love it for weddings because it’s effortlessly elegant, and the colour accentuates its feminine, warm and romantic energy. It’s easy to style making it great for casual or more formal events and ideal for anyone looking for a staple piece designed for everyday wear.

Wedding season is here and we’re wearing rose (gold) tinted glasses. Need a little extra wedding gift inspiration? For more wedding ideas, browse our complete collection of rose gold jewelry.


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