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The Libra Essentials

While the season of the Libra may be coming to an end, we couldn’t say goodbye without taking some time to celebrate our Librans. In honor of their charm, intelligence, and friendliness we’ve curated our Libra essentials; pieces that coincide with this sun-sign and are the gifts you want to be gifting any of the Libras in your life (even if that’s you!). 


Astral Sky Light Necklace 

We said, “the Sky Light Necklace but make it astrological”. One of our most beloved pieces reimagined with the constellations in mind. And, in this case with the Libra constellation. What better way to pay homage to your star sign? We love the stainless steel and think this classic just can’t be beaten. you can also engrave this necklace for a super personal touch. 

Moonshine Stud Earrings in gold 

This sign is symbolized by the scales, representing balance, justice, and equilibrium. You strive to achieve this balance in all aspects of your life. Bold and beautiful, these earrings are a gentle nod to this integral part of your astrological profile. You can either celebrate a single date and phase on both earrings or select two different dates that represent something meaningful to you for an asymmetrical look. We are curious what our Librans will choose! But we think we can guess.

Cosmic Spiral Ring in rose gold 

To say that Libras are unique would be a total understatement. When we think of essentials for this sign, we take into consideration that you dance to the beat of your own drum. Our Cosmic Spiral ring is not your conventional ring design, but that doesn’t hold it back. Instead, it makes it an eye-catching conversation starter. With a Swarovski crystal on one end and your moon phase on the other, coupled with the rose-gold finish, this is the unique ring that can keep up with your Libra energy. 


Heavenly Heart Necklace 

This sign is ruled by Venus, which governs both love and beauty. It comes then as no surprise that you love your aesthetics and have excellent taste. This necklace combines key elements that we know you’ll be able to appreciate. From the thin, dainty thin link chain to the minimalistic heart pendant. this piece was made for you. 

Solar Link Bracelet in gold 

Last but certainly not least we have the Solar Link Bracelet in gold. We know how to get personal. And we really appreciate pieces that help you showcase your individual-ness in a subtle but fun way. The piece you can add to all of your layered looks to bring something fresh to the mix. The best part? Obviously your initial. Who doesn’t love a good initial piece? We certainly do. 

Cheers to all our Libras! We hope you’ve been able to celebrate yourselves and your accomplishments from this past year. For any of you who are lucky enough to have any Libras in your life, we hope you showed them the love as well! If the Libra in your life hasn’t celebrated their birthday just yet, then you’re welcome we just provided you with the ultimate gift guide. For anyone who has already celebrated, a belated birthday treat is just as sweet!


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