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The Many Moon Style Guide: How to Style Your Multiple Moon Looks

From our style desk to yours.

If you haven’t noticed, we love a little nostalgia and personalization in our jewelry looks, so it’s only natural that we’ve been layering up a few memories more and more to finish off an #OOTD. 

Lockets are in

And our lockets are unique. It doesn’t matter if you’re team silver or team gold (rose gold fan we see you too), you’ve got options. They come in a range of one to four moon pieces so you can commemorate a single special moment or a meaningful collection of memories that are close to your heart.

There’s something timeless about lockets that make them so charming and we designed our lockets with a modern look that still holds on to that sweet, sentimental vibe we all know and love.

Lockets are a versatile piece that can polish off any look, day or night. You can wear it over business attire, with a casual jeans and a t-shirt look or as the cherry on top of your date night outfit. The options are endless and as a bonus, they’re a pretty great conversation starter too.

Not-so-classic pendant

Pendants might be simple and elegant but they can make a big statement. Our signature single moon pendants are timeless but our double moon Ituri necklace and triple moon Usambara pendants add a fun little twist to some of our most classic pieces.

They drape beautifully down a low neckline or draw interest over a higher collar top. Either way, they make a great combo for showing off some of the most memorable times of your life.

The layered look

We love a Moonbabe who’s eclectic, unique and rocks their own personal style. Classic to boho and hippie to punk, our necklaces, bracelets, rings — all of our jewelry, really — are designed to seamlessly blend into your personal style and offer great layering pieces to stack with your other favourite pieces.

When it comes to layering your jewelry there really aren’t any rules; just have fun with it! Style your look around your favorite Moonglow piece, or put a finishing touch on a stack of bracelets with one of our bangles or beaded bracelets

Focal point

Consider yourself more of a minimalist? In addition to our multi-moon pendant necklaces, we’ve got a few bracelet options that are equal parts dainty and sentimental.

When you’ve got two important dates to remember, we love our Double Moon Pallene in Rose Gold; but if you’re looking to commemorate even more special memories, there are sophisticated options for three, four, and even five moments too!


Even at Moonglow Headquarters, our Moon Team members have tastes and styles that are uniquely their own. Some like to keep it simple by styling a focal point while others have a more no-holds-barred sense of style.

Whether you’re into styling your jewels around your neck, fingers, wrists, ears, or ankles — we have something for you.

We’re loving the Celestial Moonrise Earrings which lets you choose a unique date for each ear. If you’re looking to pair it, we recommend the ever-popular Charmed Simplicity necklace to draw interest to your gorgeous face, or any of our multi-moon bracelets that keep your memories close at hand.

We’d love to see how you style your many moons. Show us by tagging @moonglowjewelry and using #moonglowmoment.


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