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The Moon this Valentine’s Day: Here’s what the Phase Could Mean for You

We could all use a little more chocolate this Valentine’s Day after the last year we’ve all been surviving. It’s been a weird one, to say the least. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching you’re either going to be rolling your eyes or thinking about what to surprise a loved one with (Psst. Check out our gift guide – Moonglow never disappoints). When it comes to this celebration of l’amour we know there are going to be mixed feelings. Nonetheless, we are happy to report that this V-Day we can all look to the Moon for something refreshing. 

Just days after the New Moon, this Valentine’s Day we are going to see a pretty little sliver of the lovely Luna otherwise known as a Waxing Crescent. If the whole waxing and waning business confuse you not to worry, a little refresher, when we have a waxing phase each day you’ll see more and more of the Moon until you have the Full Moon and when it’s waning you see less and less. We see the crescent before and after the First and Last Quarter, it will remind you of a giant smile, like the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland. 


So, this year Valentine’s falls in the period that calls to us to take action. If the Waxing Moon had a motto it would be “just do it”. It’s encouraging to say the least, especially when it comes to your love life. You’re going to have the Moon behind you and that’s really exciting; to feel like you have an extra friend in your corner. 

For those in relationships, this may be a great time to take a small step forward with your partner. Have you been holding back on a meeting with your partner and friends? Or introducing them to your family? Even if it’s via FaceTime this could be the time for it. If you have been toying with a certain conversation about goals or sharing something about yourself, again, as the Moon would put it, “just do it.”

Now if you’re single, we want to remind you that you are actually in a relationship that requires a lot of attention and work. We’re not crazy. The relationship is the one you have with yourself. If this is sounding as cheesy as some Hallmark cards, hear us out. This Waxing Crescent Moon will make you feel empowered to continue working on the relationship you have with yourself. This is the perfect time to invest in yourself, whether it is something as simple as drinking more water each day, committing to less screen time, or even to a daily walk, this is a time to make sure you’re treating yourself the best way you can. Take the time to examine where you are with you!  

If you feel like you’re at a good place with yourself, then this Waxing Crescent may motivate you to open up to someone new, or to give that certain someone a bit of consideration. This Valentine’s Day you may find yourself excited as you take the plunge, and we love that! 

So Moonbabes, as we get closer and closer to the 14th start to manifest your intentions. Begin to think about what you really want and then get ready to have that extra bit of motivation thanks to our favorite Moon. 


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