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The Moon, Tides and Our Mood

When life gives you stress, make your way to the beach (that’s our motto at least). Think about it, is there any better feeling than sinking your feet into the sand, breathing in the salty air and finding peace in the ever-constant sounds of the waves gently brushing the shore? When we think of getting some R&R, we’re always wishing to be whisked away to the beach.

But let’s be real, some of our favourite beaches won’t be welcoming guests this year, and not all of us are lucky enough to have sandy shores close to home. It’s a bummer for sure, but we’re thinking of you Moonbabes and are super excited to announce that we’re partnering with Dune Jewelry for a giveaway that will bring you both the beach AND a little piece of the moon.

Our friends at Dune Jewelry not only craft beautiful jewelry, but each of their pieces stores a special treasure close to your heart. Handmade with love and sandy hands; customers choose from a “sandbank” that catalogs more than 4000 sands and natural elements from around the world. With Dune Jewelry, you “live for the moment, and then take it with you.”

One lucky Moonbabe will have the chance to win the “Wave Necklace”, a Sterling Silver necklace with a wave design that features sand of your choice from a special beach you hold close to your heart.

The Wave Necklace from Dune Jewelry will be paired with not one, but two pieces of Moonglow. The giveaway winner will receive the Calm + Glow Beaded Bracelet, with its calm and soothing sea blue beads of Blue Angelite, and the Sky Light Necklace in Silver, one of our most popular necklaces from the Mini Moon Collection.

Since our giveaway is combining the Moon and the elements of the beach & sea, we thought it would be the perfect time to take a look at the how the Moon affects the tides and in turn how these elements have an impact on our moods and emotions.

Since ancient times the Moon and its phases have been held responsible for mood changes and what was once considered “lunacy” before modern medicine and psychology were established. So, where do the tides fit into all of this? It’s complicated but we’ll do our best to break it down for you so you can ace your next trivia night.

Moon & Tides

The above is a very complicated (well for us) diagram of how the Moon and its gravitational force plus the centrifugal force of the Earth’s revolution help to create the tidal force or, high and low tides as they are commonly known.

In simple terms? Water bulges on the side towards the Moon, and on the opposite side, creating high tides, while the perpendicular sides will experience low tides. In most places there are two high tides and two low tides daily and that cycle follows the lunar day which is 24 hours and 50 min.

The side closest to the Moon is being affected directly by the Moon while the opposite side is a result of the Earth spinning, and so we have the high tides drawing water away from the rest of the ocean’s shores that are then experiencing low tides.

& Moods

We know that the Moon is affecting the tides, so what affect does it have on us? One common theory is that because we are 70% water, the Moon’s cycle ebbs and flows controlling the water within us. While this is a cool concept, the idea that there could be “tides” in the body has mostly been discredited as it’s argued that there isn’t enough water to be impacted.

Another theory suggests that because there’s proof that plant cells are sensitive to tidal forces, it could imply that human cells may also have this capability. Possibly a remnant from life beginning in the oceans and our bodies still hanging on to the machinery needed to predict these forces. Some even predict that humans could be sensitive to subtle changes in Earth’s magnetic field, salty oceans have magnetic fields associated with them and so in a very tiny almost subconscious way, it’s possible we could be feeling the changes within the ocean’s magnetic fields.

Unfortunately, more work needs to be done in these fields, as no one has a concrete idea of what mechanisms are at work here. It's certainly believable to think that we would be impacted by these daily and constant changes of the Moon and tides. Sometimes we have really good days or really bad days that we just can’t seem to explain, so it could definitively be possible that there is something else at work here having small but profound impacts on how we feel.

Keep an eye out for the giveaway details on our Instagram page (you can find us here) and good luck Moonbabes!

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