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The Pisces edit

If you were born between February 19th and March 20th then this is the post for you! Welcome to our Pisces Edit; we wanted to take some time to celebrate the generous, creative water signs that wrap up the winter season. Unlike your fellow water signs Cancers and Scorpios, you are generally seen as a bit less emotional and more laid back. 

We love you for your kind souls that are both gentle and compassionate and applaud you for always being sensitive to the needs of others. Your sign is symbolized by two fish swimming around in a circle representing your connection to inner conflict, as there is a conflicting duality to your personalities; it’s not a bad thing though, just means that you are always eager to explore multiple paths! 

In honor of you Pisceans (that’s a word right!? We think it is), we have gathered some of our favorite pieces that we think pair perfectly with your personality. Oh, and if you’re not a Pisces, well then, you’re welcome for the gift guide that will have this water sign smiling when you surprise them with something special. 

Duodecimal Charms in Amethyst & Aqua Marine 

Being a Pisces means you’re born in either February or March, and so there are two birthstones that you can rock (HA!). If you’re a February baby then the lush lavender of the Amethyst and if you’re a March baby, then the soft baby blue hues of the Aquamarine. With these simple yet sweet charms, you can make any of your Moonglow pieces even more special by simply clipping one on for a touch of your cosmic color. 

Charmed Simplicity Necklace  

When it comes to your charm nothing is comparable. Well, maybe the Charmed Simplicity Necklace can give you a run for your money because just like you it’s simple yet always makes a statement. One of our best-selling necklaces for a very good reason. No frills just your pendant showcasing the Moon phase from a date that is important to you! 


Lunula Tetrad Necklace in Rose Gold 

It has been said that sometimes as a Pisces you will opt to see life through rose-tinted glasses, meaning that sometimes you tend to be a little flaky when it comes to decisions or difficult situations. That’s why we’ve picked the Lunular Tetrad Necklace for you. With four lines representing all solid things, we see it as a little reminder for you to be strong when dealing with certain scenarios that you would so rather not deal with! 

Brilliant Blush Jade Bracelet in stainless steel 

Your creativity knows no bounds. You are the dreamers that never overlook avenues to let your creativity shine. Showcase your passions with the pop of red that the Brilliant Blush Jade bracelet provides and see how the Jade encourages you for all your upcoming projects. 

Mini Moon & Engravable Ring Set in Stainless Steel 

While some have called your ability to feel and express your emotions a negative quality, we think it’s a positive one. There are plenty of signs that would kill for your ability to reveal and communicate how you are feeling. You are sentimental and it shows. That’s why this ring set has your name written all over it. Use our Moon phase calculator to see what the Moon looked like on a date that just means the most to you. Pair that with a ring that you can engrave with a date, name, word and you have the ultimate present for yourself. 

And so, “there may be plenty of fish in the sea” but none are like you Pisces babes. Cheers to you, may you celebrate in style, with your favorite Moonglow pieces, and don’t forget to tag your #MoonglowMoment for a chance to be tagged on our socials! 


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