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The Sagittarius Edit

Calling all Sagittarius Moonbabes – if you’re born between November 22nd and December 21st then this is for you! 

The last of the fire signs and represented by the archer, you are known for your infectious optimism, fun-loving attitude, and sometimes hard to hear honesty. Like a blazing arrow, you fly through life, from one adventure to the next and your spontaneity is admired. Although it may be disputed, we think that Sagittarians are some of the best conversationalists; and that’s one of the reasons why your friends adore you. 

As an ode to you; we have compiled our favorite pieces that you will be obsessed with and want to add to your collection ASAP; and if you’re not a Sagittarius then not to worry, this is the perfect gift guide for those strong-willed and hilarious people in your life. 


Stella Necklace in Silver 

Pay homage to your Sagittarianess (it’s not a real word but you know what we mean); with our Stella necklace that not only features a mini Moon from any date of your choosing but also your zodiac sign, the bow and arrow. We love the double chain that gives this necklace a little something special. Harness your inner power every time you wear this piece. 


The Lunar Burst Bracelet 

Even if you are always on the go – you can take the Moon with you, by dawning this go-to piece. Easy to slip-on and with a comfortable design, we can’t get enough of these hand-painted beads. Add an engravable tag to mark a date, a word, or a number that has a hold on your heart. 


The Birthstone Satellite 

When you came crying into this world, not only did you have the stars and Moon watching overhead, but you also had a gemstone assigned to you! Your birthstone is that extra bit of luck, positivity, and beauty that you can never get enough of. If you are born in November, your birthstone is Topaz, and if in December, it’s Blue Zircon. With our Birthstone Satellite Necklace, you can show off a little sparkle that is your birthstone wherever you go. 


Timeless Moon Pin

Your independence and philosophical nature mean that you can be intimidating – your big personality is not a bad thing no matter what anyone says. It’s always important to stay true to ourselves; and with this little pin, you can do exactly that. Affix it to just about anything, for that little reminder of a special memory that helps you remember you’re amazing. 


Mini Usambara in Gold 

There’s a saying that “good things come in three”, and what could be better than 3 mini Moons all on one necklace? Since we know you’re such great conversationalists and can chat it up with just about anyone; this necklace is your perfect accessory as everyone will be striking up a convo asking you about this stunning piece. 


Modern Moon Bangle in Rose Gold 

You aren’t afraid to speak your mind and you don’t just go with the flow. You celebrate that you’re not like everyone else and that’s why this bangle is just right for you. The Rose Gold stands out and adds something extra; you’ll have a visual crush on this lovely hue. This bangle also comes with a little Rose Gold tag that can be engraved with a little message that will always make you smile. 


Milestone Moon Ring in Gold 

As the archer that symbolizes your zodiac shoots you forward through life; don’t forget to celebrate the milestones that you have achieved. Our Milestone Moon Ring will showcase the Moon from the date of any of your most cherished milestones; those moments that have helped shaped who you are today. 


Moonshine Stud Earrings in Stainless Steel 

The ideal blend of bold and sweet – just like you! We love these earrings for their versatility, they go with everything, and that even though they’re simple they still make a statement. You have the option to either choose a single date for a balanced look or choose two separate dates that could potentially provide an asymmetrical vibe.  


Regio Keychain in Pewter

In the words of Baloo, the Bear from the Jungle Book, “wherever I wander, wherever I roam, I couldn’t be fonder of my ... Regio Keychain”. Just kidding, we know that’s not how the famous Bare Necessities song goes, but we do think this keychain should be added to your list of necessities. Who loves finding their keys quickly? We do! Use this keychain for all your adventures and be sure you’ll always find it easily! 


 Cheers to you Sagittarians – may your special season be filled with lots of love and laughter! 


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