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The Sagittarius Essentials

If you’re born between November 22nd and December 21st, you are the last fire sign of the zodiac and an ever-impressive Sagittarius. Considered a one-of-a-kind sign, you’re a dynamic blend of compassion, assertiveness, curiosity, and adaptability. Basically, you’re a star and loved by all. So, in honor of our archers (your astrological sign is the archer, half-man, half-centaur) we’ve curated the Sagittarius Essentials pieces that align with your personalities and your “go with the wind” attitude. Perfect for birthday celebrations, holiday presents and a little self-love. It’s the time to celebrate you, so we raise our glasses to you!  


We’ve got it all, bracelets, rings, and necklaces that are essential to ringing in your personal New Year! Make sure to check what the Moon looked like on your birthday with our Moon phase calculator!


Double Moon Pallene


Who doesn’t love two for one? We all do, and we know that you’ll love having two moon phases to display in this subtle but striking bracelet. With a thin curb link chain that accents the lunar charms perfectly. Select two important, special, or memorable dates to display. Available in three finishes, choose the one you’re loving with this year.


Moon and Stars Cuff


Bringing your Moon and stars together in one piece. This chic cuff features a lunar charm on one end showcasing your moon phase and your zodiac constellation Sagittarius on the other. This bracelet is the ultimate customization of you! While available in both gold and stainless steel, we’re really loving the stainless steel.


Atlas Heart Necklace


This necklace perfectly reflects your constant need for mixing it up. With a large link chain and a heart, it’s definitely a change-up from your standard necklace and makes it a must-have for any Sagittarius. With two finishes to choose from, you’ll have a hard time picking which to add to your cart!


Astral Cosmic Spiral Ring


With a larger-than-life spirit, the fire that burns brightly is always dazzling those around you. You’re effortlessly magnetic and people love being around you. Give them something to talk about with the Astral Cosmic Spiral Ring. Rather than our classic moon phase, this ring features your zodiac constellation and a design that is sure to please. With a tiny Swarovski sparkle on one end and your stars on the other, we simply adore this ring. Available in both stainless steel and in gold.


Classic Bracelet 


Pewter charm, stainless steel finish and a curb-link chain. Our classic bracelet is timeless, just like you. You have an endless drive to explore new places and try new things. Wherever you go, take this bracelet, the Moon, and your special day with you.


No matter how you spend your season this year, be sure to include your Moonglow to make it all the more special. If you have any Sagittarians in your life then we have you covered for both birthday and holiday presents! Don’t forget to tag us with your #MoonglowMoment for a chance to be featured on our socials.


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