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The Virgo Edit

We all have a Virgo in our lives. Well, statistically speaking we do. Did you know that September 9th is actually the most popular birthday in the world? A popular month for births, means that you should have at least one friend or family member who was born under this sign. Or even better yet, you may be a Virgo yourself! If you were born between August 23rd and September 22nd, your sun-sign is represented by the maiden carrying a sheaf of wheat (how Fall appropriate!). We are taking the time to celebrate all our humble and kind Virgos. In honour of your birthdays and the season of your sign we have put together our favourite pieces for you to rock on your special day! 


Mini Moon and Engravable Ring Set in Stainless Steel 

It always feels wonderful to get two rather than just one! And in this set you not only get a Mini Moon ring, with the Moon phase from any date of your choosing, but you also get the engravable ring. As a Virgo you have a practical approach to life and you’re never afraid to improve your skill set. These rings are the perfect way of treating yourself for learning something new. Engrave a word, name, or date to make this set extra special. 

Figaro Necklace in Gold 

This is one of our new favorites! This necklace just landed in our Endless Summer Collection, and if anything says summer, it’s this piece. You have a heart of gold Virgos, ring in a new year of you with this chunky chain that is for our trailblazers and trend-setters alike. Looking for something to complete your birthday look? It’s definitely the Figaro necklace. Select a date that is important to you and wear your Moon phase proudly. 

Lunar Curb Bracelet in Stainless Steel 

As an earth sign that is literally represented by a goddess of wheat and agriculture, you can’t help to have a deep-rooted (ha!) connection to the earth and therefore to material things! It’s most definitely not a bad thing. You enjoy having tangible things. And we can certainly say that you will enjoy having the Lunar Curb bracelet in your personal collections. Bigger is better right? It definitely holds true with this curb link chain that will very quickly be your go-to essential. The stainless-steel finish is also something a little bit different, keeping your style as unique as you. 

beige backgroun, the virgo edit in navy font with three jewelry pieces showing


Fille De La Lune Bracelet in White Pearl 

You heard it here first, pearls aren’t just for your grandmother anymore. Especially not when they feature the Moon phase from a day that helped shape the person you are today. This bracelet also takes a new twist on the classic pearl. Did you know that pearls are considered to symbolize both wisdom and serenity? As a Virgo you may frequently feel stressed and tense, thanks to all your mental energy. That’s why this is the perfect piece to help you remember to take a step back sometimes, to enjoy even the little things in life and that things will find a way to work themselves out. 

Rose Gold Skylight Necklace 

Some say that Virgos are perfectionists. And we can get behind that energy. The last piece in this Edit is specifically a piece that we think is absolutely perfect. The Skylight Necklace is simple yet beautiful and can sate all your wants from a piece of jewelry. A thin chain and your Moon. What more could you ask for? 

We raise our glasses to your this szn Virgos, and we hope you have the time of your lives enjoying your birthdays. Treat yourselves (or the Virgo in your life) to one of our amazing pieces and be sure to tag us with your #MoonglowMoment for a chance to be featured on our socials. 


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