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Valentines Day Shopping Guide 2018: From First Dates to Long Time Valentines

It’s nearly time for Valentine’s Day -- the day meant to celebrate love in all forms, whether it be with a significant other, a family member, or a friend. But what should you get someone? This can be stressful for many people who worry about sending the wrong message, over-spending, or not being thoughtful enough. Flowers and chocolates are always nice, but what if you want to send something a bit more personalized? How can you be sure you’re not overdoing it or missing the mark entirely?

Never fear, we have the perfect 2018 Valentine's Day shopping guide for you, whether you’re picking out a gift for a first date, a long-time lover, or your best friend.

First Dates

Truthfully, if you’re very early in a relationship, you are probably safest sticking to the old standbys of flowers and chocolates. It will show you’re thinking about that special someone and want to celebrate your burgeoning love, but since it’s tradition you can be sure you’re not being too intense in your gift choices (unless you buy 50 roses or an obscene amount of chocolate -- please don’t do that).

If you want to go a little off the beaten path, consider something sparkling and on-theme, like a bottle of pink champagne. Maybe you’re a fan of the iconic conversation hearts? Those are always a safe bet, but have fun with it and pick an item that uses the design in a creative way, like this collection of conversation heart soaps. The goal should be to pick something fun and flirty that expresses you feelings for your new special someone while also acknowledging how far you still have to go.

Long-Time Companions

This is perhaps the easiest category to shop for -- so long as you’re picking something thoughtful that aligns with your partner’s interests, you can’t go wrong. But here are some ideas to get you started. Jewelry is always a beautiful and thoughtful gift, but take it a step further by personalizing it in some way, whether that be engraving your initials or your anniversary on it; creating a necklace engraved with coordinates specific to a place significant to you (maybe where you got married, where you had your first date, your favorite vacation spot); or consider something even more unique, like a necklace that showcases a gorgeous phase of the moon from a date that is significant to you (first date, anniversary, etc.). You can always pair a beautiful piece of a jewelry with a personalized heart plate that features your initials and anniversary -- that way when they take it off at the end of the day, they’ll have yet another beautiful reminder of your love.

If you want to create a written expression of how much you love someone, consider filling out a personalized book like this “What I Love About You” title, writing a poem, or creating a scrapbook (either from scratch or on a photo website).

Maybe you want to leave it up to your loved one’s heart’s desire? Make them love tokens with a range of options including do the dishes, foot/back massage, see a movie from a genre I hate, or more sexy options -- that way they can cash in on their present from you all through the year and have a wide selection.

There are countless other thoughtful gifts for your special someone, whether it’s a beautiful watch, a personalized set of cufflinks, or something else that’s utterly unique to your interests and your love (a rare movie poster of their favorite film, a framed map of your last travels together, etc.). The longer you’re with someone, the more thoughtfulness, uniqueness, and personalization can matter.


Do you want to get a little something for your BFF to remind them how much their friendship means to you? Again, flowers and chocolates are a beautiful option, but here are some more personalized picks.

Friendship bracelets (or necklace charms) never go out of style and no matter whether your friend prefers elegant jewelry or something quirky and fun, there’s loads of options. Be sure to pick something that captures your individual personalities and how your friendship bonds them together -- whether that be a necklace with both of your initials or a charm bracelet that features the moon phases of both of your birthdays (or other significant dates in your friendship). Maybe you love to discuss astrology together? Get them a piece of jewelry with their zodiac sign (or better yet, with both of your signs).

Want to get them something cute but a little less personalized? Go with the Valentine’s Day theme and choose something like adorable “XO” earrings. Or give them a fun sweater to wear on the holiday itself that lets them wear their heart on their sleeve. A photo book of special memories together is another lovely option as well.


Your family may love you no matter what, but it doesn’t hurt to send them a reminder of how much you care for them on this loving holiday. Many options previously suggested are perfect choices, including a photo memory book or a “What I Love About You” book that lets them know all the reasons you’re so glad you’re family. It’s still early enough in the year that you could design them a custom calendar, featuring photos of all of your loved ones and extended family.

Maybe you want to remind your mother or sister or aunt you think they have a heart of gold for being your loved one? Say it with a gorgeous bracelet. Or if you have want to celebrate your family as a whole, select a piece of jewelry that features the birthstones of all of your siblings or a locket that contains charms showcasing the moon phases from the day they were born.

Maybe you feel like you don’t see your family members enough? Get them a gift that comes with a promise of getting together for future fun times like a decked-out picnic basket or a beautiful Valentine’s Day pink tea set. Wrap the gift with coupons promising to meet them for a meal or an afternoon out -- the gift of more time with your loved ones is the greatest gift of all.

Whether you choose flowers, chocolates, jewelry, or something more unexpected, there’s a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for everyone.


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